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What does itex2mml do?

Itex2mml transforms webpages with embedded itex (a dialect of latex) into xhtml and MathML pages, suitable for viewing with Mozilla.

Who is itex2mml for?

If you are comfortable with latex, and wish to create documents primarily for viewing on the web, then itex2mml may be for you.

Using itex2mml over the Web

A demonstration page is available. There you can enter a simple HTML page with embedded itex, and have the page transformed into MathML.

Full file conversion is also available, if you wish to upload and convert a file containing HTML and itex.

Downloading and Using itex2mml

A package for itex2mml is available. It contains the source and binaries for i686 linux. It should not be difficult to compile the source (which is plain ANSI C) on any platform. If you succeed, I ( would welcome additional binaries. As well as itex2mml proper, the package contains the source and i686 linux binary for a modified version of Dave Ragett's HTML tidy utility.

To convert file inputfile.html containing HTML and embedded itex, requires two steps.

  1. Clean up the html in inputfile.html and create the correct header (Doctype etc), at the command line type:
    path_to_tidy/tidy -4mz <inputfile.html >temp.xhtml
  2. Convert the embedded itex to MathML, type:
    path_to_itex/itex2MML <temp.xhtml >outputfile.xml
    Now outputfile.xml is an xhtml + MathML page viewable with Mozilla.

Itex vs Latex

Itex is a dialect of Latex math. Why not use plain latex? Because some aspects of latex do not fit well with the structure of MathML. Itex is designed solely to be an intermediate stage to authoring MathML.

More information on itex: Introduction to itex.

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