About HRT

Our vision

We envision HRT among the preeminent transportation organizations in the nation. We see regional mobility as the cornerstone of economic development and quality of life in Hampton Roads.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve the community through high quality, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly regional transportation services.

How many employees does HRT currently have?

HRT currently is home to 985 employees.

How was HRT created?

HRT was formed on October 1, 1999, after a merger between Pentran and TRT - the first voluntary merger of two transit agencies in the country.

How is HRT funded?

How is HRT Funded?
  • 23% Fare box and other revenue
  • 31% Federal funding
  • 16% State funding
  • 30% Local Funding

What cities does HRT serve?

HRT serves seven cities: Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach. The entire service area population is 1.3 million.

Why is the service more frequent in some areas/cities than in others?

HRT contracts with each city in our service area separately, and each city determines how much service is to be provided in their area.

What are HRT’s ridership figures for the most recent quarter?

  • January 2009 - 1,243,152
  • February 2009 - 1,215,563
  • March 2009 - 1,264,900

Current Services

Hampton Roads Transit