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Severe Weather Threats: Southwest
These are the potential severe weather events that you eventually could face where you live. Learn what your risks are and what to do if the worst happens.
 Slideshow: Severe Weather
For information on finding Red Cross shelters call:
1-866-RCHELPS (1-866-724-3577)
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WeatherREADY Resources
Protect your health and your home with expert tips, video, and printable checklists.
Are you prepared? Learn about potential severe weather threats and natural disasters.
Get tips for protecting your home against weather damage and learn what to do if disaster strikes.
Health risks increase after a storm or a disaster. Learn how to take care of yourself and your family.
Get advice on how to prepare for and stay safe when driving in various weather conditions.
Learn how the sun's rays may affect you and what you can do to protect yourself.
Keep your pets safe and healthy. Learn how to protect them during severe weather and seasonal threats.
Teach your children about severe weather safety with our fun learning tools.

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WeatherREADY: Severe Weather

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