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logo_exciteWith a strong history as the pioneer in online personalisation services, Excite is using the advent of web 2.0 technologies to re-establish its position as a challenger brand in the European consumer internet space with the very latest in personalised portal and search services.

Over 5 million unique users each month visit the portals across the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland and Excite’s portfolio of products and services is steadily growing. Combining a unique editorial style and original content, the portals are fast becoming top destinations for the latest entertainment, sport, lifestyle and technology news.

Excite users have access to the web’s most user-friendly personalised homepage, Excite MIX, and a slick social bookmarking service, Excite Bookmarks – both localised for use in respective countries.

Excite – past, present and future
Launched in the US during the mid 1990s, Excite merged with broadband provider @Home in 1999. In Europe Excite forged partnerships with leading local companies; owners included BT in the UK, Telecom Italia and Tiscali in Italy. In 2005 the European properties were acquired by Ask.com, part of the IAC group, and in October 2007, GoAdv announced its acquisition of the European Excite group of companies.

Fortifying the development, marketing and management teams through the GoAdv acquisition, Excite Europe is now perfectly positioned to recapture users with its user-friendly approach and unique personalised portal and search services.

Excite Europe comprises: Excite UK, Excite Italia, Excite Deutschland, Excite France, Excite España and Excite Nederland.

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