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Pierre Woods signs tender

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff April 21, 2009 12:46 PM

FOXBOROUGH -- In an expected move, outside linebacker Pierre Woods signed his restricted free agent tender and is now under contract to the Patriots, coach Bill Belichick said today at his predraft news conference.

"He's ready to go," Belichick said.

Woods was the lone Patriot tendered a contract as a restricted free agent. He was tendered at the second-round level ($1.54 million).

Woods is a top candidate to start in the spot previously occupied by Mike Vrabel, who was traded to the Chiefs.

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8 comments so far...
  1. While I understand that Woods' value is likely that of a 2nd round pick (well, apparently lower since nobody signed him to an offer sheet)...isn't that a little scary? The Pats had an extremely weak pash rush last year, one that should be generated primarily from the OLB spots, and the best guy they have on the roster for the side opposite Thomas is a guy who wasn't even worth a 2nd round pick to another team. Scary.

    Posted by Rob in Central MA April 21, 09 12:54 PM
  1. IMHO, the pass rush is the biggest issue for this team. They had none last year and it killed them. They could not rush or cover, so the D had some major issues. They need to change the scheme a little or get someone that can rush the passer. You can not let NFL qb's just sit there and pass all day. The pats have made average QB's look good the last few years because they have all day. Think Eagles game during 07.

    Posted by Ryan April 21, 09 01:16 PM
  1. Not all teams can start 1st round picks at every position Rob! It's a lot like a few years ago when we had Chad Brown and Monty Beisel starting.

    Posted by Andy M April 21, 09 01:20 PM
  1. Andy,

    Couldn't agree more. You can't have superstars everywhere, but when you lose a starting guy at a position where you were extremely weak...well that's a recipe for disaster. If they had a downgrade at the RB position (they didn't, and I think Fred Taylor will be a significant upgrade on his 10-15 carries a game), that would be ok, because of the passing game...but when the pass rush is extremely weak...and then it gets weaker....especially considering they have 4 picks in the first two rounds, it's time to do something about it.

    Posted by Rob in Central MA April 21, 09 01:44 PM
  1. Chad Brown and Monty Beisel starting.

    I had suppressed that memory.

    At least I can redirect my thoughts to the tasty Mrs Beisel.

    Posted by Ghost of Lombardi April 21, 09 02:12 PM
  1. Mike, any word on Pierre Woods attempting another awkward man-hug with Belichick after signing the tender? :)

    Posted by Marc April 21, 09 06:19 PM
  1. Yay...now Woods can continue to not recover fumbles that fall right under him (Super Bowl).

    Posted by Classless April 21, 09 07:48 PM
  1. A tender of $1.54 million is a healthy pay check for a developing Pat's style OLB. Critics complain about nonsense. They say he can't set the edge. Yet the Coaches slotted him on the strong side, not the weak-side, where setting the edge reliably is a sina qua non, to merely get onto the field. BB says he Is a good developing player. Peas says he is a good pass rusher, that we just haven't seen as yet. Projected over a season, his one sack in 2.5+ games, projects to 5-6 sacks for him over a season typical of strong side OLBs in BB's defense.

    Unfortunately he ended up on R due to a fractured jaw, that won't hurt him in the future, after only starting three games. had he finished the season.like Cassel. People would be saying the Pat's had found two new young starters, in Mayo and Woods, at LB.

    regardless of who they draft , a rookie cn

    Posted by stas peterson April 22, 09 01:44 PM
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