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Herbert Close

In 1903 the College acquired the site of its 'second campus', a ten-acre field to the north of the Cowley Road, initially intended only as a sports ground. A residential development at the east end of this, Herbert Close, began in 1967 with tutors' houses and a block of graduate flats, Thelwall House (which reopened after rebuilding in 1998). Two further blocks of undergraduate and graduate accommodation, Leoline Jenkins House and Hugh Price House, were added in 1988-90. A large new sports pavilion, with entertainment facilities, was opened in May 1998, replacing the pavilion of 1905, which will be used for other purposes. Futher student accommodation, at Stevens Close in the Woodstock Road, was largely financed by a generous benefactor and Old Member of the College, Mr A.E. Stevens, and built in 1974. A row of Ship Street houses, facing the north side of the College, is leased for accommodation purposes from the City of Oxford.