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Joëlle Huguenin

Born in Fontaines, Switzerland. Now I’m living in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Q: How long have you been juggling?
A: I started juggling in 1999 at was 8 and a half years old.

Q: How did you learn how to juggle?
A: I would like to take part in the trainings of the little school circus: école de cirque Larbi in Neuchâtel. Larbi was an acrobat working in different circus when he was young. My mother told me,"if you want to go to this school you have to learn juggling with 3 balls before beginning the trainings". And I started juggling with my mom who was able lo juggle only a cascade.

Q: Why did you keep juggling?
A: I was enjoying juggling very much. I would like to be able to do every tricks like siteswaps that I could find in my juggling book.

Q: Why do you want to compete in the WJF competitions?
A: Because I’m happy to meet many jugglers of every country and to juggle with them. In Switzerland, I feel alone because I didn’t meet other friends who like juggling.

Q: What are your goals in juggling, technically and professionally?
A: I would like to be creative and to have a show that is beautiful for spectators and makes them dream. Technique is less important. I need it to create a show but it’s not a goal for me, I only use it.

Q: What kind of training has been the most beneficial in progressing your juggling skills?
A: During two months, I was creating a show and I practiced it many many times. During this period, I was juggling 7 hours a day. I took time to dance, to move because it’s important to be able to move and juggle at the same time.

Q: What has had the most influence on your juggling?
A: I couldn’t take lessons but I took time to watch many jugglers in conventions or DVDs. It’s important to juggle with other jugglers, but when I was very young, it was not easy to find somebody to juggle with me.

Q: What did you think when you found out that someone wanted to sponsor your trip to WJF 5?
A: I was very happy. I wouldn’t have had this decision alone.

Q: What moves are you going to practice the most while training for WJF 5?
A: Backcrosses and 360s.

See Joëlle Huguenin compete in the 2008 WJF Women's Division at WJF 5, December 17th - 23rd, 2008 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.