Rhys Ashworth played by Andrew MossRhys Ashworth played by Andrew MossWe caught up with Andrew Moss who plays Hollyoaks sleaze bag Rhys Ashworth for a chat.

He told us that Rhys will become nice one day, what it's like to be a pin-up and how he really feels about James Corden.

This is one of your first major roles, are you still loving it?
I am still loving it. I did some bits and bobs before with Cutting it and Corrie. The turnover is so quick - you turn out seven scenes in a day - it's quite unbelievable how it's done. I don't even know how it's done.

Rhys had a lot going on in recent years - has he been fun to play?
It's been really fun to play. You can get trapped in a soap, playing the miserable one who doesn't laugh at anyone's jokes. But I've been lucky enough to have the far out storylines like the incest one, and when you're reading the script you're like "Oh my God. How the hell is this going to work?" And then somehow it all comes together.

Do you have to channel your inner sleaze bag to play him?
People always ask me if I'm like Rhys on a night out. We look the same and we like the same music, but I hope the similarities end there.  It's down to our writers and my expressions that make him the cheese ball sleaze that he is today.

It kind of comes quite naturally to me now, but I do have to catch myself, so sometimes I'm sat on set and I'll be staring at an extra - then I'll go "Woah, Andy what are you doing?"

Isn't that what you call method acting?
Err, yes let's call it Hollyoaks method acting!

What's in store for your character next?
We're concentrating on getting the band up and running.  We're called The Somethings because we couldn't come up with a name. Kris is our manager and we do some auditions for a new band member and Hayley has the voice of an angel. 

They already have some history as they were going to go on a date and he did a runner.  He'll be battling with the fact that she's got an amazing voice, but will Rhys let her on stage to be the lead singer?

But don't worry there are going to be some redeeming features for him, he'll be turning that corner soon and everyone will love him again.

You argue a lot with your brother Josh in the band - are you two supposed to be a bit like Noel and Liam Gallagher?
Yes, very loosely based. But what it is with Josh is that he's a very caring, nice lad who is into his music. Whereas Rhys is horrible, misogynistic and he's not really bothered about the music, he wants the rock'n'roll lifestyle and Josh can't get his head around that. 

When Rhys annihilates Hayley during a rehearsal it's not nice and Josh has to stand up for what he believes in. That's when the conflicts begin between the brothers.

There's been rumours that a number of Hollyoaks characters are going to be axed. Is your character safe?
As far as I know we're all safe. It's a natural progression when a new producer comes in and they need to make their mark on the show, whether its refreshing the show with a few new faces, or doing a storyline where characters can't physically be in the show anymore.  There has to be a natural end to some characters' life lines. Lucy Allen is brilliant and she's got amazing ideas.

It's not all people leaving; Gemma Bissix is returning.
Exactly. Evil Clare is coming back.  I love evil Clare.  She's a great Hollyoaks character and again it's more exciting for the show.

So you're definitely not leaving?
I'm there for the foreseeable future.

How does it feel to be a pin-up?
I don't feel I'm considered one of the main pin-ups, because I don't like to parade about with my body out. In the street I'm embarrassed the whole time so I wear a hat. I'm shy.

We don't believe you.
Honestly, I do get shy when I'm on the street, but I'll always talk to fans. I'm always nice. I'm an actor first, pin up second.

Would you ever do reality TV if times were hard?
No, but I do love to watch them.

Your colleagues are rumoured to be pursuing careers in  the States; would you ever consider a career in Hollywood?
We're not allowed to mention Hollywood in the same breath as Hollyoaks, since James Corden went around slagging us all off saying that all the Hollyoaks cast ever do is walk around the green room talking about going to L.A.

Now don't get me wrong, there might have been a few people like that in the past, but James Corden can shut his face - stop slagging us off.  All you do is run around going "I'm fat, I'm fat," whilst your friend pulls funny faces.

It's war!
No, actually don't start a war. He might give me a job one time because he's quite a good writer.

Do you watch other soaps?
I'll sometimes watch the Corrie omnibus. But the last thing I want to do after filming is to watch a soap.

You're heavily into music aren't you?
Yes I'm in a band and we're recording an album and it gives me something else to focus on.  I'm doing what I love - Hollyoaks in the daytime and the band stuff at weekends.  I don't want to be a cliché of actor-turned-pop star

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