How to Populate Concentration Camps, from Fallujah to Lodz Ghetto

Three years after a devastating U.S.-led siege of the city, residents of Fallujah continue to struggle with a shattered economy, infrastructure, and lack of mobility.

“The city that was routed in November 2004 is still suffering the worst humanitarian conditions under a siege that continues. Although military actions are down to the minimum inside the city, local and US authorities do not seem to be thinking of ending the agonies of the over 400,000 residents of Fallujah.”

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The following short documentary, The Hidden Massacre of Fallujah (27:07), is must viewing to fully understand the devastation that was unleashed and continues to be enforced on this city and its residence by US forces.

After watching this documentary we can now understand why Mohammad Sammy, an aid worker for the Iraqi Red Crescent in Fallujah, states in the above news release that: “You, people of the media, say things in Fallujah are good, …Then why don’t you come and live in this paradise with us? It is so easy to say things for you, isn’t it?”

The question is, is this the precursor to concentration camps? According to historical records, it can only be viewed as such.

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A few years ago I watched a brilliant documentary called Lodz Ghetto. This breathtaking film explained to me how the German people were kept ignorant to the crimes of their government while genocide was being perpetrated. What is happening in Fallujah is reminiscent and consistent with what the Nazi did to the Jewish and Romani peoples of Poland in the late 1930’s before shipping them off to concentration camps to be slaughtered.

If this is hard to believe then watch the photographic evidence presented by Judith Cohen, the Chief Photo Archivist for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in which she “discusses two contemporary photographers of the Lodz ghetto.”

At the start of World War II, “Nazi forces conquered and occupied the second largest city in Poland, Lodz. Less than a week after the occupation, Rosh HaShana 1939, the Germans ordered that all businesses remain open and that synagogues be closed. This was only the beginning of the havoc to be wreaked on Lodz's two hundred and thirty thousand Jews.

“In November Jews were ordered to wear a yellow arm-band, easily identifying them as enemies of the Third Reich. A month later the arm-bands were replaced by the infamous yellow badge in the shape of a star of David.

“In February, 1940 the Nazis officially announced the creation of the Lodz Ghetto. On May first, the fenced-off ghetto was closed. Two hundred and thirty thousand people were squeezed into less than five square kilometers. The ghetto was sealed, and so was the fate of its inhabitants.

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“Two years later the Germans transported another twenty thousand Jews to the Lodz ghetto, together with five thousand gypsies.”

The sequences of events that transpired in Poland with the Nazi invasion and occupation are almost identical to the events that are unfolding before our eyes in occupied Iraq. Since the November 2004 U.S.-led attack on Fallujah, “named Operation Phantom Fury, which left approximately 70 percent of the city destroyed, the U.S. military has required residents to undergo retina scans, and finger-printings in order to gain a bar-code for identification.”

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“… the embattled city is still completely closed and surrounded by military checkpoints to make it look like an isolated island. Those who are not genuine residents of the city are not granted the biometric identification badge from the U.S. Marines, and are thus not allowed to enter the city.”

What is the deference between a “yellow badge in the shape of a star of David” and a “biometric identification badge”? Both were created for the same purpose, but there is one big difference. A “biometric identification badge” which provides a “bar-code” that is used to identify an individual can be used more efficiently then a simple “yellow badge in the shape of a star of David” to heard humans into concentration camps.

I urge all those who wish to prevent the holocaust from repeating itself to watch Lodz Ghetto and draw their own conclusions. May God help us if we allow this part of our history to repeat itself.

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