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Field Equipment

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  • Field Supplies  

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    GI Spec 3-Day Back Pack
    Holds everything you’ll need for multiple days in the field. Three-day pack comes in woodland pattern, black, tan or ACUPAT to match the new ACU.
    Item# 29425
    Average Rating:
    Price: $77.99

    HeatMax® HotHands-2® Hand Warmers
    Designed for people who work or play in the cold for long hours.
    Item# 11726
    Price: $0.99

    HeatMax® Foot Warm-Up® Footwarmers
    Specially designed to work in low oxygen environments like hunting boots or shoes.
    Item# 13686
    Price: $0.99

    3-Day Pack
    Technical pack with built-in hydration system compatibility allows you to stow, organize and transport three day’s worth of supplies.
    Item# 29717
    Average Rating:
    Price: $65.99

    BLACKHAWK!® Tactical CQB Riggers Belt
    The Improved Last Resort belt is NATICK certified and built with parachute quality buckles and adapters. LG (41-51)
    Item# 15540
    Average Rating:
    Price: $34.99

    ALTA® SUPERFLEX™ Knee Pads
    Leadership. Innovation. Protection. The choice of professionals. Designed for long wear and lasting comfort.
    Item# 22807
    Average Rating:
    Price: $20.99

    Bugout Bag
    Designed for active individuals on the go. Carries like a travel bag, yet converts to a backpack in seconds.
    Item# 26948
    Average Rating:
    Price: $65.99

    Twelve on-the-go meal entrées and side dishes.
    Item# 2692
    Average Rating:
    Price: $78.99

    Condor Tactical Cross Draw Vest
    Packs a very economical punch, with a pistol holster, gear pouches, MOLLE straps and even hydration system compatibility for less than you would expect to pay for any of these items alone.
    Item# 28753
    Average Rating:
    Price: $52.99

    HeatMax® Super HotHands® (Single)
    Air-activated hand and body warmers designed to last up to 18 hours providing safe, comfortable warmth in the coldest temperatures.
    Item# 11725
    Price: $0.99

    Hatch® XTAK™ Knee Pads
    Developed using input from military and S.W.A.T. leaders, Hatch® XTAK™ Knee Pads offer maximum comfort and protection.
    Item# 30920
    Average Rating:
    Price: $25.99

    Magpul® Speed Threader for PALS/MOLLE Web Gear
    Patent Pending Threading device for PALS and MOLLE webbing.
    Item# 32996
    Price: $11.99

    GI Modular Sleep System
    The system consists of two Mummy-style sleeping bags--the Patrol and the Intermediate Cold Weather.
    Item# 18963
    Average Rating:
    Price: $417.99

    SKYDEX® Knee Pocket Inserts for ACU
    Easily insert these pads into the elbow/knee pockets of your ACU for protection and comfort.
    Item# 30479
    Average Rating:
    Price: $16.99

    Long-Range Bug-Out Bag
    Fill this durable Long-Range Bug-Out Bag with all of your mission gear!
    Item# 31026
    Average Rating:
    Price: $132.99

    Rite in the Rain® All Weather Notebook
    No matter what the weather you'll be prepared to record notes or important information in the field with the Rite in the Rain® All Weather Notebook
    Item# 18201
    Price: $5.99

    Spec-Ops® Combat Suspenders
    These combat suspenders comfortably support extra weight from leg mounted accessories like dump pouches and thigh holsters. This side mount attachment system is fully adjustable and easy to connect.
    Item# 29957
    Price: $38.99

    US Army Canteen
    Holds one quart. Polyethylene. Odor-free and dent resistant.
    Item# 2566
    Average Rating:
    Price: $2.99

    CamelBak® ThermoBak® Omega 100 oz. (3L)
    The design of the CamelBak® ThermoBak® Omega 100 oz. (3L) makes it perfect for staying hydrated on the battlefield.
    Item# 29572
    Price: $65.99

    M17 Medic Bag
    This government style issue kit includes over 250 items.
    Item# 22449
    Average Rating:
    Price: $151.99

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