Corn Image copyright WKI and Fire & Ice Designs Hominy Soup #3 (Gv-No-He-Nv A-Ma-Gi-i)

Servings: n/a
Classification: Traditional
Nation/Tribe: Cherokee

  • Directions
  • Use parched corn grits to make hominy soup. Put the corn in the lye until the skin slips. Beat the corn in the kanona (cornbeater), and sift the meal to remove the larger particles.

    Cook the larger particles in water until they are done. Store this soup in a pottery jar. It will turn sour like buttermilk by the next day. You can keep this for up to four days before you have to throw any of it out. This drink/soup was always offered to visitors and enjoyed by those who worked in the field.

    For more information on "how to" make your own grits, corn meal, and kanona (corn beater), visit our "How To" section.
    Soups were the mainstay of many American Indian diets. It was common to find a pot of soup simmering on the fire all day long. While there are definite recipes listed here, "pot luck" was the bill of fair, and creativity was the key to a successful soup.

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