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Can the Guardians of "The Freedom Press" Come Out of Hiding?

Elias wrote 2 hours ago: About the Author: Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at debbie … more →

Tags: News & Politics, Charles Chase Freeman, Current Events, Cynthia McKinney, Debbie Menon, georgegalloway, Human Rights, Israel, Israeli Defense Force

Spring Convention D'var Torah

ronshapiro wrote 5 hours ago: The following was my d’var torah delivered at Hagesher Spring Convention 2009 this past weeken … more →

Tags: Israel, Stand With Us, standwithus, USY, Spring Convention, Dvar Torah, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Nadav and Avihu

Lieberman: U.S. will accept any Israeli policy decision...

nwoobserver wrote 7 hours ago: The Obama Administration will put forth new peace initiatives only if Israel wants it to, said Fore … more →

Tags: world hegemony, Israel, USA


Mizgîn wrote 2 days ago: “Many Americans, due to the effective propaganda and spin machine of Turkey’s agents in the U. … more →

Tags: turkey, ��k�p��, deep state, sibel edmonds, Turkish Lobby, corruption, Drug Trafficking, fethullah gülen, Israel

U.S. Congresswoman an 'Asset of Covert Israel Intelligence' (mp3)

Editors wrote 2 days ago: Scott Horton of AntiWar Radio interviews contributing editor at The American Conservative Philip Gir … more →

Tags: Political Science, National News, International Affairs, Palestine-Israel; Gaza, international law, US, Israel, zionism, department of justice

Obama Turning Deaf Ear To Israel?

romanticpoet wrote 2 days ago: From: Hint: This website is a WEALTH of information con … more →

Tags: Blogging, News and politics, Politics, obama agenda, Obama/Israel, Obama/Muslim agenda, Obama/Turkey/Hizballah

The Israel Lobby (part 24)

redfist wrote 2 days ago: Article by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt Israelis tend to describe every threat in the starkest … more →

Tags: Articles, united states, Politics, Israel, Islam, Palestine, Jews, zionism, injustice

Lebanon general 'was Israeli spy'

therushreport wrote 3 days ago: A Lebanese prosecutor has charged a former general and three other people with spying for Israel. … more →

Tags: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, U.S. economy, Economic Crisis, hillary clinton, eric holder, Warrantless Wiretapping, Republicans, Democrats

Comment: AIPAC agents accused of spying may walk scot-free

intelNews wrote 3 days ago: Jane Harman By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | | The controversy over Democratic Representative Ja … more →

Tags: intelligence, Alberto Gonzalez, Ben-ami Kadish, Benjamin Netanyahu, communications interception, espionage, hillary clinton, Israel, Jane Harman


jabberinwookie wrote 3 days ago: So, let me get this straight: - Jane Harman told some guy she’d try to help out AIPAC and Isra … more →

Tags: National Tragedies, Politics, epic ironies, Gonzalez, Harman, spies, warrantless, Wiretaps

The Israel Lobby (part 23)1 comment

redfist wrote 3 days ago: Article by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt Charles Krauthammer describes this grand scheme as the … more →

Tags: Articles, united states, Politics, Israel, Islam, Palestine, Jews, zionism, injustice

Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

viewer9 wrote 3 days ago: It is interesting to see the US mainstream media which worked like a lapdog to the Israeli interest … more →

Tags: Alternate News, Israel, Spying, FBI, Scandal, US

Congresswoman Made Illegal Promises for AIPAC (mp3)1 comment

Editors wrote 4 days ago: Scott Horton of AntiWar Radio interviews Jeff Stein, who broke this story days ago. 21 Apr 09 | Anti … more →

Tags: National News, International Affairs, international law, US, Israel, zionism, department of justice, Congress, Newspeak

Jimmy Carter Has Also Accused AIPAC of Putting Enormous Pressure On Politicians Running for Office Who Do Not Share AIPAC Goals!!!

Elias wrote 4 days ago: The Justice Department was in 2006 investigating whether Harman was working with AIPAC in a scheme t … more →

Tags: News & Politics, zionisim, Israel, World Events, Middle East Conflict, Palestine, Israeli Lobby, Jimmy Carter, Current Events

Wiretap reveals reach of US pro-Israel lobby

sakerfa wrote 4 days ago: Rep. Jane Harman, the California Democrat with longtime involvement in intelligence issues, was over … more →

Tags: Dictatorship, Israel, nwo, Politics/Elect/Corrupt, zionism, agency, Agent, CQ, FBI

Shameful Hypocrisy of the West

Editors wrote 4 days ago: by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich 22 Apr 09 | CASMII Abraham Lincoln described a hypocrite as a man who mur … more →

Tags: INTERNATIONAL, Opinion, Palestine / Israel, UN, US, Durban II, Gaza, Israel Lobby, obama

Jane Harmon Buddies With Israeli Spies, Bush Administration

rjjrdq wrote 4 days ago: Helping out spies of any country is bad enough, but in the era of Barack Obama, helping Israel is a … more →

Tags: america, World, Politics, Barack Obama, George Bush, Israel, Jane Harmon, spies, Wiretapping

The Israel Lobby (part 22)1 comment

redfist wrote 4 days ago: Article by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt Given the neo-conservatives’ devotion to Israel, their … more →

Tags: Articles, united states, Politics, Israel, Islam, Palestine, Jews, zionism, injustice


emsnews wrote 5 days ago: EASY READING CULTURE OF LIFE NEWS:  HARMAN SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED « Culture of Life News 2 … more →

Tags: Diplomacy, Politics, obama, Israel, Iran

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