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Several USAF weapons are displayed throughout the museum's galleries. Click on one of the links below for more information about these weapons.
Hughes AIM-4C Falcon Air-to-Air Missile
Hughes AIM-4D Falcon Air-to-Air Missile
AIM-7 Sparrow Air-to-Air Missile
Hughes AIM-26C Falcon Air-to-Air Missile
Martin AGM-12C Bullpup B
AGM-45A Shrike
Martin Marietta AGM-62 Walleye
Boeing AGM-69 SRAM
General Dynamics AGM-78 Standard ARM
General Dynamics AGM-78B Standard ARM
Boeing AGM-86B Air Launched Cruise Missile
Texas Instruments AGM-88 HARM
Rockwell International AGM-130A Standoff Weapon System
FLAK 36 88mm Multipurpose Gun
Flakvierling 38 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
DShK-1938/46 Heavy Machine Gun
M117 General Purpose Bomb
M118 3,000-pound Demolition Bomb
Mark 1 Bomb
M29 Cluster Bomb
MK53 Depth Bomb
GBU-8 Kit
Rockwell International GBU-8 Electro-Optical Guided Bomb
GBU-12 Laser Guided Bomb
Texas Instruments GBU-27 Laser Guided Bomb
Browning M2 .30-cal. Machine Gun
General Electric M61A1 "Vulcan" 20mm Cannon
Welrod Mark IIA Silenced Pistol
BK-5 50mm Cannon
Rheinmetall MK108 30mm Cannon 
Ruhrstahl X-4 Air-to-Air Missile
"Little Boy" Atomic Bomb
"Fat Man" Atomic Bomb
Mark 5 Nuclear Bomb
VB-1 Azon Guided Bomb
VB-3 Razon Guided Bomb
VB-13 Tarzon Guided Bomb
AN-M26 Parachute Flares
M10 Airplane Smoke Tank
Mark 13 Torpedo  
SUU-7 Dispenser
Texas Instruments Bolt-117 Laser Guided Bomb

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