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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Overlooked Wii 3.0 Update Function

The news hit quickly: the Wii had its third online firmware update, and with it came features like a clock on the main screen, faster scrolling between channel pages, the ability to move contacts from slot to slot, a different color for auto-generated messages...even the ability to use an external keyboard in certain programs.

One feature didn't get announced, though. With the new update comes AOSS support, otherwise known as AirStation OneTouch Secure System. Might not mean much now, but it may soon when Buffalo releases its <a href=""><b>Wi-Fi Gamer device</b>.

Obviously, if you have the update, you already have your system up and running on some sort of network you might not be so excited for this feature. But for those who might not have a Wii yet, or those tired of changing configurations on their router, this device is a godsend.

AOSS support has been built into the DS right from the start, and is currently in the PSP and PS3's firmware...and now the Wii has it. Just click over to the Internet connection option on the Wii settings, and you'll see it. Right there: AOSS.

When the thing ships, all you have to do is plug it directly into a LAN port, no PC is necessary. Then, hit the button on the device, and the AOSS function in any of the supported system's network connection menu. After about 30-45 seconds, the system's securely connected and online. No other setup is software, no tweaks. It just works.

Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine: in the IGN offices, 90 percent of our network ports are behind firewalls, which wreak havoc on gaming sessions. To get online, I have a dedicated PC hooked up to a non-firewall port, running with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB adapter...that's its only function. All the Wiis and DSs in the office run off this thing.

If the Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamer device does what it promises, I can ditch the PC and simply plug the unit directly into the non-firewall port. Not bad for a $50 device. And don't let the huge photo fool you -- this thing is tiny. Atari cartridge small.

It should be out in a couple of weeks. Fifty bucks. Not too shabby.


Topic:  Wii
Posted: 5:40 pm by craig-ign      Rating:  10  0     Views: 2591

Comments (11)
8/8/07 8:25pm, videoguy1988 posted:

I had so much trouble between my Wii and my computer's firewall when I first got it. I'll definitely recommend it to a couple of my friends/family that haven't bothered with the Wii's internet connection due to firewall issues.
8/8/07 8:41pm, PikaPal13X posted:

That's only $50? I might seriously need to consider picking one up!
8/8/07 9:48pm, blueman814 posted:

Excellent find Craig! Looks like your sleuthing will pay off to people looking for a better wireless option for Wii. Also, I think it's great that you came up with an Ign Arcade blog. Thanks!
8/9/07 3:43am, SPC_M._Angseth posted:

Craig, Buffalo has had AOSS in their wireless APs and Routers for a long time, so this isn't all that new. They're just offering a gamer-centric device to do the job now - which is GREAT.
I have the WZR-RS-G54 Wireless-G gateway/router, and setting up my DS was a breeze with AOSS. I was online and playing Hunters much faster than imagined. The same goes for any computer device that has a Buffalo card/adapter - use their little application, and you're on in moments with high security.
It's cool to know my Wii will now support this feature if I ever need to reconfigure my wireless setup.
Other wireless device manufacturers are starting to offer similar n00b-friendly ways to get their wireless connection easier, but it's great to see the major gaming platforms offering the same method.
8/9/07 7:04am, noibn posted:

Craig (or anyone else),

Question... would this AOSS thingy be able to solve this problem I have with my wireless router: My Wii connects to my wireless router with no problems. My DS is a different story altogether. Not only did I have to assign it a static IP address (which is not really a huge problem), but I also had to limit the wireless connection speed to 2Mbps in order for the DS to connect (this is per Nintendo's instructions, and is the only thing that worked). Obviously, this sucks, because now my Wii is only able to connect at the throttled 2Mbps speed. Do you think there's any way this AOSS device might be able to solve this problem?
8/9/07 8:00am, Try4ceCubed posted:

I have a Buffalo router, and when I got the Wii and saw it didn't have AOSS, I was highly disappointed. My PC and DS can use it, but since Wii could not, I had to completely ditch AOSS for my security settings, which meant I had to change everything for my PC and DS. Actually, the router has been giving me trouble anyway, so I'm in the market for a new one. I probably won't go with Buffalo again, but if I didn't need wireless for my PC, I would probably buy Buffalo's wireless gaming device.
8/12/07 5:06pm, wiisle posted:

is there anyway to join ign insider without being forced to download a bunch of perverted magazines?
8/20/07 6:44pm, BIFFtheSTIFF posted:

where and when will the buffalo wifi gamer device be avail?
8/24/07 1:52pm, Snowdrop85 posted:

One of my friends wants to get a Wii and he wants to connect to the internet but he has no PC but is prepared to get an ISP to connect the Wii, from what I understand this will do the job! Am I right?
8/31/07 2:15pm, mrcooldrummer posted:

It is August 31st. When exactly is this thing coming out? I'm pretty excited for it.


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