Top 25 Anti-Heroes

#9 Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

Few voice actors nail a role like Ray Liotta. Hollywood's resident wise guy lent his Mafioso persona to Vice City's Tommy Vercetti, transforming the average looking thug into a ruthless, take no prisoners tough guy that ruled the 80s with a machine gun and a wardrobe full of pastel shirts. Sure, he runs over grandmas, but it's almost impossible to hate this guy.

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  • artef1224 on 4/25/2009 12:34 pm

    Every one forgets that conker was originally in the game bad fur day on the n64 not the xbox XD

  • on 4/25/2009 10:22 am

    What's this? Kratos NOT being #1 on an anti-hero list?! Blasphemy!

  • wavylemon on 4/24/2009 4:42 pm

    i like this list. olimar is ingenious. keep up the good work

  • raptorspino on 4/24/2009 4:04 pm

    Why ain't Ash on the list? [From the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness games]

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