• Dr. Omar Shahin, Chairman
  • Dr. Waleed Idris, Vice-Chairman
  • Dr. Mwafak Algalaieni
  • Imam Siraj Wahhaj
  • Dr. El-Tayeb Abuelyaman
  • Imam Johari Abdul Malik
  • Shaykh Waleed Idris
  • Imam Bassam Obeid


  • Imam Ashrafuz zaman Khan, President
  • Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud, Vice-President
  • Imam Ahmad Shqeirat, General
  • Imam Muhammad Adli, tresurer
  • Shaykh Abdur Rahman Al Harbi, Da’wah
  • Dr. Mohamad A. Elsheidh, Training
  • Dr. Suleiman Ali, Training
  • Imam Luqman Ahmad, Publicity &
    NAIF is a not for profit Islamic organization whose membership is confined to Imams “Islamic Clergies” from the
    mainstream Muslim group which properly follows Qur’an and Sunnah. NAIF’s membership is not based on
    nationality, race, language or country of origin. The only condition for membership is that applicants should be from
    those who accept the primary sources of jurisprudence: the Qur’an & Sunnah.
    NAIF is specialized in general Imams’ serves such as cooperation, collaboration, coordination and
    acquaintances. It aims at meeting both the tangible and spiritual needs of Imams. It also aims at improving the
    relationship of Imams with their administrators on one hand, and Imams and their constituents  on the other hand.
    NAIF is committed to, and focuses at, supporting Imams in their sacred mission. The loftiest of this mission is
    “calling people to the ways of Allah and encouraging them to observe the Islamic acts of worship”.
    NAIF was founded on the 21st of October, 2002 (The 27th of Sha’ban 1424). It was formally registered on the 28th
    of February, 2004 as a not for profit organization with registration number 13-4276058).
    The main reason for establishing NAIF is the lack of such organizations particularly concerned with Imams
    prosperity. Existing organizations provide limited support only to Imams who serve their goals. However, such
    goals are not necessarily aligned with the best interest of Imams. Hence, the aspirations, visions and goals of
    Imams are not served. All Islamic organizations in North America fall into this category. The founders were neither
    Imams by profession, nor had Imams support as one of their primary goals, or priorities. This situation dictated the
    need for an organization to be founded, empowered, and administered solely by Imams. The interests, goals,
    visions and aspirations of the organization will, in kind, be derived from, and formulated by Imams. Services and
    support provided by the organization will be available to all Imams.

    The goals of NAIF are the following:
  1. Coordinate efforts among Imams and help them cooperate in activities in general to Muslim communities across
    the North American continent: Imams are the liaisons of their constituents. They are the legitimate representatives
    of their own communities. They live within them, handle their problems, conceal their secrets, lift their morale and
    work for their ambitions and needs.
  2. Acquaint Imams with each other and provide a common platform for mutual consultation: Through invitations to
    deliver speeches at each other’s localities Imams will be able to exchange experiences. Consequently, the spirit of
    brotherly love and loyalty will develop among them. At the same time, the exchange of experiences will help them
    dissolve differences. It will also reduce the chances of Imams becoming adamant about their own opinions or
    opinions they follow.
  3. Become the link that bonds Imams to the constituents on one hand, and to their administrators on the other hand.
  4. Become a placement office for Imams looking for jobs.
  5. Become a trusted hiring agency for communities looking for Imams.
  6. Provide a specialized screening committee to verify applicant’s employability before forwarding applications to
    communities looking for an Imam.
  7. Reconcile between Imams and their administrators.
  8. Resolve conflicts between administrators and communities.
  9. Improve qualifications of Imams through training's and conferences in all areas essential for Imams to superbly
    handle their duties.
  10. Certify Imams who successfully complete benchmark training programs to ensure continuous envelopment of
    Imam’s scholastic skills such as those needed to improve the profession.
  11. Provide statistics about salary averages of employees holding compatible qualifications and similar positions to
    Islamic Center’s  administrators to enable the latter to improve Imam’s salaries.
  12. Help in the establishment of employment benefits to: aid Imams with their medical bills; help those who become
    ineffectual; benefit those who retire; and support families of deceased ones.
  13. Become the formal agency representing Imams at city, county, state and federal levels.

    NAIF will strive to accomplish its sacred mission through periodical conferences, training programs, conventions,
    and publications. NAIF established four regional offices to coordinate with communities the steps necessary for it
    to effectively achieve its goals.

    NAIF membership is open to all Imams who follow the Qur’an and Sunnah and who submit applications and pay
    membership fees. Membership applications will be accepted only if members agree to abide with NAIF’s
    constitution. Applicants will be notified about membership decisions on a timely manner.