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 10/01/01 PakRat is now OS X native and Beta! 

The latest release of PakRat has been fully Carbonized to run natively on Mac OS 9 and X. It's been updated for the Aqua interface, and has a cool Aqua icon by Dave Girard.

Other enhancements in this version include support for more image formats and some stability improvements.

It's been a while since the last update, but forces of the Universe have at long last aligned themselves so I can finally develop with CodeWarror 7 on OS X 10.1 with true memory protection and a great debugger. Now I can spend far less time rebooting and more time adding features. Wow.

By the way, if you have an ATI video card, you don't want to run PakRat on Mac OS X 10.0, at all. (See: System Requirements.) Run out and buy 10.1 today.

 9/20/01 Coming Soon... 

 2/9/01 Posted Version 0.8.1a 

This release is a meager bug fix version, though it includes a few new highly requested features, and some new icons by Dave Girard.

Bug fixes:

- improved map navigation
- fix for Voyager Elite Force model animation
- added window tiling for pak browser
- fixed a .pcx display problem
- fixed garbage in .mdl and .md2 animation menu
- fixed crash launching when GL is not installed
- fixed .mdl texture exporting
- fixed problems with the shader editor popup menu

New features:

- shader preview
- pause shaders
- command keys in animation menu
- new icons

This version renders images using OpenGL complete with shader effects. This makes it possible to edit and preview shaders without first opening the corresponding map or model.

 10/27/00 MacShader Test Lab 

The guys over at the macintosh map editor project have released MacShader Test Lab 1.0 which includes some sample shaders, textures, a simple map to test your shaders with, and instructions for using it all with PakRat.

In other news, here's another PakRat web badge designed by Yves Allaire, aka evil lair:

 10/2/00 Posted Version 0.8a 

This version adds some features for skinning and shader editing, improved shader rendering, and support for Voyager Elite Force, a game built on the Quake III engine from Raven Games. James Monroe from Raven was kind enough to contribute code for Raven's .mdr model format.

Featured above are Paul Hassett's model Alien3 which uses the 'tcGen environment' shader command to create a shiny surface, and Rikimaru, a skin for Xaero by [dAL]lo_p1ng which uses 'deformVertexes' for a shimmering, ghostly effect.

New features:

- compile button for .skin, .shader, and animation.cfg files.
- supports more shader commands.
- command drag textures off of models.
- command option drag texture coordinate maps off of models.
- command double click on a shader to open the shader editor.
- command click on window title to get a directory popup.
- weapon switching (use the number keys).
- Animations menu.
- improved map rendering.
- support for Voyager Elite Force.
- mdr models.
- mp3 player.

Also, Dave Girard has created a web badge to put on your site for linking to PakRat:

 10/1/00 QView 

For Windows users Lonerunner has created QView, a viewer for Quake I, II, and III models.

 7/2/00 Posted Version 0.7a 

New features:

- Quake 3 Map viewer.
- Press TAB to jump to the next item.
- Press CONTROL TAB to jump to the next weapon.
- Press CONTROL SHIFT TAB to jump to the BFG.
- Models now animate at the correct frame rate.
- Press SPACE BAR to pause model animation.
- Drag and drop image and skin files onto models.
- Drag and drop to Finder to export raw resources.
- Double click to open folders.
- New text handling (now opens files bigger than 32K).
- .wal support.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

 6/27/00 Source Code Released 

The source code is now available on SourceForge. Instructions for checking it out of CVS are on the download page.

 6/3/00 Aftershock 

Currently I'm working on adding support for Quake 3 map rendering. I'm using code from Aftershock, an open source rendering engine by Steve Taylor (a.k.a. lazyX). It's up and running inside PakRat but I need to beef up the error handling before I'll be ready to post anything. Meanwhile, you can look at the screenshot: