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  1. @jezebelhortense please, the full name is Late Night Taco Doritos AT MIDNIGHT. the repetition really makes it
  2. off to meeting now!
  3. showering is faster when there's no hot water. stupid neighbors
  4. did red hair post. now: shower
  5. @jezebelmargaret haha i just had this question about putting "fuck" on the front page -- i am doing it -- fuckity fuck fuck
  6. urban dictionary is down!
  7. what is "dogging"? is it about sex? what is "noddy"? i feel like an old person
  8. awesome pic of dolphin with sponge on face, coming soon
  9. i want to be able to select stuff on my screen just using my brain
  10. finished "mad mom" post
  11. a bug bit my head
  12. did sadie write about the "bad mom" phenomenon at some point? did someone else?
  13. post on girls making boys worse at english made ME worse -- it's so hard to remember the alphabet after all these years
  14. i need a smart idea to end this post -- maybe vitamins will help
  15. @jezebelhortense haha -- ralphist headline comin up
  16. is it offensive if i make a ralph wiggum joke about this?
  17. my [ key is breaking
  18. finished post on colo. transgender murder -- learned about two-spirits:
  19. that point in the morning when there are too many firefox tabs and they get shoved over to the side
  20. wearing sports bra, reading about sports bra museum -- life imitates what here?