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Sorry about the writeup about pornography. I can assure you that it was Honeydew's (bad) idea. Honeydew wants nothing but to bring disrepute to this site. Honeydew does not like YOGS or the YOGSCAST. In fact he hates it. He hates it with every fibre of his being.

24/04/2009 - YoGPoD - Episode 7 - The Dragon Quiz


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23/04/2009 - How To: Freya

wait, did I do this right?

Watch us literally kick Freya's goddamned ass like the internet toughguys we really are.

23/04/2009 - How To: Fish (what else do you do on a Sunday afternoon?)


Patch 3.1 brought some nice changes to fishing, so now is a better time than ever to take up this hobby!

23/04/2009 - How To: Emalon the Storm Watcher - new VoA boss, LIVE


a helpful strategy guide for all you pubbies that can't do this boss

Other videos and ulduar raid guides will follow!

23/04/2009 - Our Arena Commentary Competition Entry

Let's hope we win!

So Blizzard ran a "Arena Commentary" competition that was a complete shambles from the very beginning. The prizes were total shit - just a monitor Blizz had spare and some t-shirts. They provided us with a torrent-based downloader to get the video file - so it took about 3 days to get an extremely low quality 3-minute video around 120MB in size.

We couldn't even make out names and the wildly spazzing camera meant that 90% of the useful information about the fight was lost before we even started. Despite these problems, I'm sure some people could do a fine job, but we decided to do otherwise.

23/03/2009 - YoGPoD - Episode 6 Featuring Zombies and Drugs

Here it is. The episode you've all been waiting for. Zombies and drugs. Hell yes brothers. Download episdode 6 by subscribing to the podcast! Click here to subscribe for free on iTunes! Alternatively, subscribe to the podcast on Feed Burner by clicking here (users without iTunes)

17/03/2009 - Ulduar Preview: Bosses and Legendaries

Thank you for your art contributions. We stole all these videos

We pull together a lot of the videos we've been watching about the new Ulduar bosses, and chat about them.

13/03/2009 - YoGPoD - Episode 5 Now Available!

A semi outtake YoGPoD of some of the nonsense that hasn't made it to a proper YoGPoD yet, featuring 10 full minutes of Yohimitsu. If there was ever a YoGPoD you couldn't miss, this would be the one. Download episdode 5 by subscribing to the podcast! Click here to subscribe for free on iTunes! Alternatively, subscribe to the podcast on Feed Burner by clicking here (users without iTunes)

06/03/2009 - YoGPoD - Episode 4 Now Available!

Another amazing YoGPoD by two of the hottest studs on the internet. If you like the idea of yogurt in beards then this is definitely the right podcast for you. Download episdode 4 by subscribing to the podcast! Click here to subscribe for free on iTunes!

06/03/2009 - How To: Melt Faces as a Blood DK in Arenas

...and get your deadly shoulders too!

This setup is extremely fun to play in arena - and relatively easy too. Here's a little rundown on how to do it:

How To Get To 2050 Rating

1. Find a friendly healer that is good at surviving for a while against heavy damage.

2. Take this spec: Link to spec here [Note! This spec is getting buffed quite a lot in the next patch (3.1) - e.g. 10 seconds longer DRW, 10% armor pen and insta death coils from heart strike! Also, you won't have to spec so deeply in frost to get 130 runic power, which means you can take some dps talents from unholy! Awesome news!]

3. Wear all PvE gear - EXCEPT you need the pvp gloves and one other piece, I'd advise a hateful pvp chest because the leggings are expensive to enchant, the helm is expensive to gem and the shoulders are just difficult to acquire.

4. Replace your "icy touch" key with "chains of ice" - because to be honest, diseaseless is king when you are specced with short diseases. This way, you chains all the time which is incredibly good.

5. When in arena, work your way up to 130 runic power while keeping yourself and your healer alive.

6. Make a macro like below and spam it when you are ready to burst on your target:
/cast Dancing Rune Weapon
/cast [target=player] Hysteria

7. Remember to save Death Grip until you burst, because if they get away from you then you can use it as an additional interrupt.

8. Forget about diseases when bursting and aim (and practice hard on dummies!) casting this little rotation:
Empower Rune Weapon

9. If you are hitting the target that your DRW is hitting (it often switches to healers until they get immunity effects) and your target doesn't die, you were probably unlucky. Retreat so your healer can drink up if possible (let them drink too, it doesnt matter) and try to burst again in 3 minutes time.

10. Against double dps teams, use Hysteria on yourself very early to break any saps/blinds/polymorphs that hit you, save trinkets. These are usually going to be your hardest fights, but if your healer uses LoS and you hit DRW early you should be able to take at least one of them down fast.

less serious stuff than this is readily available on www.yogscast.com. sorry for the lack of chat, but thats all going into the yogpod at the moment :)

Music is from OCRemix:
1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night The Devil Inside (Italo Disco Mix) OC ReMix by AkumajoBelmont
2. Chrono Trigger Millenial Mountain (Delightful Disco Mix) OC ReMix
3. Guilty Gear X Alpha Blade OC ReMix by Beatdrop

04/03/2009 - PuzzleQuest Galactrix Review

Boldly Going Where No YOGSCAST Has Boldly Gone Boldly Before

Honeydew and Xephos try to review this shitty game they were playing on Steam but get side-tracked and then Honeydew gets really angry about furries. I dont know whats going on here

01/03/2009 - YoGPoD - Episode 3 Now Available!

The long awaited episode 3 of YoGPoD is now available! Listen to Xephos and Honeydew talk about toaster bags and Tina Barrett in what can only be described as... well... you decide. Click here to subscribe for free on iTunes!

01/03/2009 - Honeydew Reviews Spectromancer

lol card games!!! hahah

We have a Steam group for spectromancer - search for "spectromancer" in the groups! The direct link is here - but for some reason direct linking to it outside of Steam is weird: click here

Honeydew and Xephos have been playing various games while we wait for Ulduar in wow. More reviews to come, requests wanted!

15/02/2009 - Now Available... The YOGSCAST Podcast

That's right

You can download our podcast for free from iTunes by clicking here.

13/02/2009 - Fallout 3 Reviewed by the YOGSCAST


Honeydew and Xephos loved Fallout 3 so much they decided to make a little yogscast about it. This video was made while Xephos was doing a side-quest, so there arent any spoilers involved or anything!

28/01/2009 - Official Yogs Recruitment Video

Ye Olde Goone Squade is always open to exceptional players!

If you have a thick skin, know your class and are willing to transfer to The Venture Co, EU RP-PVP - then apply today!

Ventrilo and a decent microphone are a must. We are currently looking for cool and mature players of most classes, except rogue, mage and DK. Classes we are particularly looking for are a resto druid, holy paladins, holy priests, a hunter and maybe a warlock.

Our forums are found here: http://www.goonesquade.eu/smf/

13/01/2009 - How to: Malygos 25 Man

A long overdue Malygos strategy guide with unhelpful commentary from Xephos and Honeydew. You know it.