2008-2009 Legends Night
NBA TV will continue to showcase the rich heritage of the game, the characters and teams that are a part of the fabric of the NBA throughout the season, Playoffs, drafts and offseason. Below are a few featured examples.

Wilt Chamberlain

Best Slam Dunk Contests

Lakers/Celtics Rivalry

Michael Jordan

Best All-Star Games

The Game Happens Here NBA TV is the 24-hour digital network of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Providing the best in basketball coverage since 1999. NBA TV televises hundreds of live games, including regular season and playoff match-ups from around the NBA. WNBA and NBA D-League. The network is also home to award-winning original series and live event coverage taking place throughout the year. NBA TV is available to millions of homes throughtout the U.S. and in 79 additional countries and territories. The 2008-09 season marks the 10th anniversary of NBA TV.
Fan Night For the first time ever, in the 2008-09 season, NBA TV gave fans the unique opportunity to vote for the games they wanted to see televised nationally on NBA TV each Tuesday night.
Premiere Night NBA TV will continue to debut new shows each week including "Real NBA" through the playoffs and beyond. The destination for bringing the NBA fan closer to the players they root for throughout the season.

Other Features
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