40% House

The 25 Million Home Makeover

40 percent house is a demand-side energy strategy to deliver 60% carbon saving in the UK’s residential energy use by 2050.

The Lower Carbon Futures Team

front row (right to left): Dr Brenda Broadman (Programme Leader), Dr Russell Layberry; second row: Catherine Bottrill, Dr Sarah Darby, Dr Kevin Lane, James Keirstead; third row: Dr Tina Fawcett, Graham Sinden, Rudra Kapila, Dr Chris Jardine, Gavin Killip.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the full 40 percent house report or a hard copy of the summary report please email ecireception@eci.ox.ac.uk

Please email gavin.killip@eci.ox.ac.uk if you would like to ask a specific question or comment in regards to the 40 percent house project.

40 per cent house research has been presented at the following events:
02.Jun.06…..BBC2’s the Money Programme, ‘The Cost of Going Green’
03.Apr.06…...International Solar Cities Congress, Oxford
23.Feb.06…...EcoBuild Conference, London
08.Dec.05….. Welish HECA, Annual Conference
07.Dec.05….. Construction Industry Environment Forum, Manchester
05.Dec.05….. Construction Industry Environment Forum, Glascow
30.Nov.05….. Renewable Action for London
09.Nov.05….. Fuel Poverty Solutions, Energy Action Scotland, Glascow
16.Nov.05….. Renewable Futures, Regen SW, Weston-Super-Mare
10.Nov.05…..UK Energy to 2050, The Geological Society, London
13.Oct.05…... Energy Solutions, Energy Institute, London
10.Oct.05…... Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN), Oxford
28.Sep.05…. Parliamentary Warm Homes Group, London
26.Sep.05….. Labour Housing Group, Brighton
22.Sep.05….. British Institute for Energy Economics (BIEE), Oxford
20.Sep.05….. Keeping the Lights On, University of Lancaster, Lancaster
26.Aug.05….. Energy Security WG, European Forum Alpbach, Austria
07.Jul.05…... Association of Environmentally Conscious Buildings (AECB)
15.Jun.05…... Energy Savings Trust, London
30.May.05…. ECEEE, France
26.May.05…. World Renewable Energy Congress, Aberdeen
18.May.05…. LEEP, Edinburgh
17.May.05…. Real Time Energy Feedback Forum, Ottawa, Canada
10.May.05…. HECA Annual Conference, Bournemouth
23.Mar.05…. 40% House Launched, The Royal Geograhical Society, London

40 percent house research in the media:
Mar.06 – Brenda Boardman. Exchange of Fire: Bring on the bulldozer? Green Futures. Issue 57
03.Oct.05 – Gavin Killip. How to achieve the 40% House, New Statesman: supplement on Life Beyond Oil.
Autumn 05 – Sarah Darby. Changing the housing climate, Challenge.
July 05 – Sarah Darby. 40% carbon emissions, 100% comfort, Energy Action issue 96.
July 05 – Sarah Darby. Housing for a changing climate, Local Government First.
05.06.05 – Chris Jardine – ITV Central News. Sunday Morning News Show.
30.May.05 – Charles Clover. 3m Homes ‘Should be demolished’ to Cut Global Warming. The Daily Telegraph
May 05 – Jan Carlos Kucharek. Emissions Impossible?, RIBA Journal. pp. 67-68
May 05 – Amanda Baillieu. Editorial, RIBA Journal. pp. 7
April 05 – Energy in Buildings and Industry. More Homes Must Be Demolished.
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30.Mar.05 – Brenda Boardman. Brave New World, Guardian
23.Mar.05 – BBC Online. Call to Demolish Polluting Homes