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Browar Łomża is a mid-sized regional brewery wich concentrates its marketing efforts on the market of the north-eastern Poland. The crucial consumers of the company products are residents of the areas of Podlasie, Warmia, Mazury and northern Mazowsze.


The Łomża-based brewery was the first brewery to be developed completely as a greenfield project in the post-war times in Poland. A key factor that affected the decision to build was the discovery of deep water of high quality and flavour near Łomża. Laboratory examinations of the water physical and chemical composition confirmed its suitability for the brewing process. The beer production was launched in 1968, and the brewery became fully operational within one year.


Development in speed

In the years 1999-2002 the brewery undertook intensive investement works, especially the construction of a new brewhouse, installation of fermentation tanks and intermediate tanks, a can packaging line, a flow pasteurizer in the bottle packaging line and numerous addiditonal investments to provide water and electricity supplies to the major brewing facilities as well as to ensure right temperatures in the brewing process.


In 2004 the brewery implemented HACCP system which guarantees that company products meet the highest standards of food safety. The HACCP system is one of the major criteria which open the way to sell the company products in the whole area of European Union. The year 2006 brought further development of the Łomża brewery production resources. The number of fermentation tanks raised from 8 to 12 units, and 4 additional intermediate tanks to keep filtered beer have been installed. These investments contributed to the increase of the annual brewing capacity up to 850 thousand hectolitres.


Royal Unibrew buys Lomza

In early spring 2007 Royal Unibrew acquired 100% of the shares of Browar Lomza Sp. z o.o. as an element in the realisation of Royal Unibrew's MACH II strategic platform in which Northern Europe, and thus Poland, is one of the target areas. Through the acquisition of Lomza, Royal Unibrew will achieve a significant regional position as a number two provider of beer in North Eastern Poland complementing the existing activities on the Baltic Sea and in the Krakow/Upper Silesia area.


Furthermore, the acquisition is expected to enable considerable synergies through coordination between Lomza's and Royal Unibrew Polska's sales, production and distribution activities, establishment of shared administrative systems and joint purchases through the Royal Unibrew Group.

Browar Łomża Sp. z o.o.
ul. Poznańska 121
18-402 Łomża
Phone: +086 47 34 800

Contact: Maciej Rybicki


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