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Just call him a prodigy of voice acting. When it came to casting Alphonse Elric, the young man in an armor body in Fullmetal Alchemist, FUNimation could've used an adult pretending to be a kid, but then-preteen Dismuke brought him to life in a fabulous performance. Since then, his talent has just grown with his age.

Did you like anime before you started voice acting in it?

I was 9 when I started voice acting. Before then I would watch Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball Z, mainly because a couple guys in my dads band, The Peach Tree Republic worked at FUNimation and would bring me back videos and DVDs for free.

Did you relate to Alphonse Elric when you were playing him?

You know, I like Al a lot, he's so innocent. I try to be like him. But I don't really see a lot of myself in him. I like to pop jokes in class and don't always like people. I'm more like one of the characters I played in Fruits Basket, Hiro.

Who's your favorite character you've voiced so far?

Definitely Alphonse. My favorite thing about him is that he sticks up for people. What I see so many kids do when they see someone weak being bullied is nothing. They either ignore it or join in. Al makes it seem really simple -do what you think is right- all the time.

Do you want to do any other acting in the future aside from voice acting?

I just saw a school play at my high school and it was fantastic. I think I'll be trying out for the next play, but I'm kind of nervous about it.

Alphonse was a big cat person: Do you prefer cats, dogs, or something else entirely?

I like them both; they both do something different for me. See, if I can get a cat just let me pet it then I feel so happy, because cats play hard to get. They know they're beautiful and you want them. But then dogs are the opposite, they want to please you and they are happy if you let them jump on you and lick your face. Dogs will also play exciting and mentally challenging games like "fetch the stick" for up to 15 hours a day. I love dogs.

What's something you know about Alphonse that no one else knows?

I know what's under his loincloth. But I can't tell you, sorry.


An Interview from SFX Anime Magazine: October 2006

Aaron Dismuke was the first US child to be hired by an anime dubbing studio. Still only 14. he is most famous for providing the voice of Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist.

When did you become interested in voice acting?

I was about eight. My cousins's a producer at FUNimation, and he let me play a small part in Fruits Basket, as Akito. I did a good job, so they let me do bigger parts, and eventually Al. So I really didn't become interested in until I was already in it.

What about anime, have you always been a fan?

Yes. That same cousin let me have free DVDs!

Did you have any particular favorite when you started?

Dragonball Z, before I really got into voice acting.

What do you do in preperation for a role?

Clear my throat and have a Dr. Pepper.

Don't you find that Dr. Pepper clings to your throat?

It's worth it!

Which character have you enjoyed playing the most?

Al, definitely. He's cool. He's the voice of reason, he's the smart one, and he's got all these funny parts with kittens and stuff.

Have you encountered and particular challenges in your voice acting career so far?

yeah, I had to do a french accent. It was rough! my director has been in a play where she had a french accent, so she was helping me, telling me exactly how to say each word, but still......that's one of my hardest experiences.

Al's your biggest role so far. Would you like to play more roles like him, or try something different - maybe someone more villainous?

Actaully, I do have a more villainous character right now - Ion Fortuna. He's a main character in Trinity Blood, who's a vampire. He's pretty evil.

What sort of character do you perfer playing?

They are both so different it's hard to pick, but I have enjoyed being evil for once.

Any upcoming releases you'd like to take part in?

I'd really like to be in Kodocha. I'm not sure if it's still going, but it's always been funny to me, even though it's a little kids show.

What else is coming up apart from Trinity Blood?

I've got a small part in Black Cat, but that's all that's new right now.

What advice would you give to someone interested in going into voice acting?

Go to acting school, get into theatre, watever you can that'll get you prepared for it. Also, there are several cities in the US that do voice acting: Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles....and a few others I forget!


Interview from Anime News Network April 2005


What's it like voice acting in a popular series running on TV like Fullmetal Alchemist?

Pretty cool. Knowing that I am heard on TV is awesome and I am still living a regular life. The idea of having fans is totally awesome.

What do your friends and classmates think about it?

Most of them don't believe me, but whoever does wants me to get them on a show. Everyone of course says it's really cool.

You must be really busy with all of this work. How do you fit this into your daily life, along with school and friends?

It's actually pretty easy. FUNimation works around my schedule so I can record at night and weekends. It's pretty rare for me to miss something important.

Growing up, did you ever think that you'd end up doing voices for anime series?

No way. I had no clue that I would become a voice actor.

How did you stumble upon this opportunity?

I suppose that Justin, my cousin (Yusuke Urameshi), hooked me up with an addition and I managed to do a good job. I started doing small parts: Boy1, laughing child, etc., and slowly progressed to larger parts.

Do you have any plans to take this experience and go into live-action acting?

Actually, no. I think that appearing on TV would be too much stress for me. I just want to enjoy what I have.

Were you at all familiar with anime before you started voice acting? What kind of shows did you enjoy watching?

Dragonball Z for a long time and Yu Yu Hakusho for a longer time. After I started voice acting, I started to like Fruits Basket and a lot of less violent shows. Of course, also Fullmetal Alchemist.

I heard that in order to give Alphonse Elric's voice a hollow ring to it, you had to record your lines inside a metal box. Is this true? If so, what was it like?

It was a bowl and I of course managed to kick it into the mic over and over again, producing an ear piercing, deafeningly loud noise that was the formula for me nearly getting fired. Other than that, it was really cool.

Do you have any brothers of your own?
Yes, my little brother Jake is 18 months old. We have a ten year age difference.

What is it like recording alongside Vic Mignogna, someone much older than you?

Age has never changed the way that I was treated at FUNimation and so I always have fun with
Vic as well as the other adults.

I loved your voice work for both Fruits Basket and Fullmetal Alchemist, and I look forward to hearing any future projects. Good luck on all your future pursuits, and thanks for taking the time out to chat with us a bit!