One comes across, from time to time, the argument that Muslims are being treated today as the Jews were being treated prior to the Second World War.

To me it is obvious that the comparison between Muslims in Western Europe today and Jews in 1930’s Germany is not valid. In the 1930’s, it was claimed that Jews produced decadent and corruptive art, literature, culture. In other words, Jews were often among the elite of modern art, literature, philosophy, and so on. It is a question of an elite influencing the masses.

With Muslims today it is a question of the right to a national culture vs. state-funded multiculture, or an artificial identity based on “civic” nationalism. Muslims do not attempt to corrupt indigenous cultures in Europe, they hardly influence or take part in them at all. They either confine themselves to segragated little caliphates, or alternatively, they share in the American-produced globoculture, adopting mass-produced pop-idols like 50 cent as their guiding role models. Either option affects national culture as we nationalists see it very little. Thus, its a question of physical space, colonization, numbers, quantity. When an Arab girl living in Sweden’s second largest city, Malmö, says that she likes it there because it is “like any other arab country,” chances are Swedes living in Malmö cannot help but wonder, where their country disappeared.

Where are we [indigenous Europeans] supposed to be socialized into our own cultures? We aren’t. We have no culture. We are culturally neutral, ready to be molded to suit the demands of any globalist project our leaders come up with. We are the ones stuck with the bill. I’ll try to explain.

The Swedish state [and established socio-political elite] does not support Swedish culture, it actively undermines it, as is the case with most ex-nation-states of Europe. Why? In the name of integration, in the name of creating a new identity for those who inhabit the territory confined for now by the borders of the Swedish state. In the name of these things, our old ethnic identities are being undermined.

For me its not a question of whether or not Ahmed goes to work and contributes to society and refrains from raping Finnish women, its a question of when did we turn away from the core idea of the nation state that is at the foundation of our country? I don’t recall such a debate, for there has never been one. The issue has been made into one of tolerance vs. racism, good vs. evil. The concepts have been directly imported from America and can thus only be seen as an American import into Europe. I don’t think its a coincidence that this type of thinking is most advanced in Britain, which is part of the Anglosphere, and is most vigorously enforced in Germany, which has a strong tradition of anti-liberalism and as a cultural counter-weight to Anglophilia.

Early Swedish Social Democrats realized the benefit of a small culturally homogenous population. Such circumstances as prevailed in Sweden only some decades ago were ideal for the establishment of the Folkhemmet, or “the peoples’ home,” the much praised “Swedish” or “Nordic” model.

From the pragmatic point of view, the loss of trust in society, in your very neighbours, signals the collapse of such a model. Multiethnic societies are less cohesive and distrustful, with ever looming violence simmering beneath the surface. From the ideological point of view, we’ve abandoned the ideal of the nation-state, or rather, the ideal that created the nation-state. That ideal is a national homeland ruled by the nation for the benefit of the nation, and it is an ideal that I defend. No amount of newspeak and labels can shroud that fact.

This is reality in many schools across Europe. Again it is the youth who must pay for the policies of the generation of their parents.

This is 1984

I’ve been recently having a debate online about the issue of the disproportional representation of Muslims in rape statistics in the Nordic countries. As a part of the discussion, I posted the link to this Norwegian radio interview. The Somali and Senegalese men being interviewed are of the opinion that Norwegian girls and women have themselves to blame for being abused. Here is a rough English translation of the article:

P4 (Oslo) When Norwegian girls are halfnaked in public it like saying “come and fuck me” says the three African men.

Lawyer Abid Raja is working one week as a reporter for P4 and has visited a café inGrønland Oslo. Here he comes in contact with three young men (26, 30 and 35) from Somalia and Senegal

The guys, although not wishing to sate their names is happy to talk with p4 abut the wave of assault and rapes in the capital. (You can hear the interview to the right)

-Honestly? Norwegians are awful.
-What do you mean?
-I mean everything, especially the food it’s just awful.
-What do you think about Norwegian women?
-They are something completely different! He says with his friends laughing.
- As they daily wrote this Monday at least 10 different women were assaulted and accosted by a gang of boys of Somalian decent by the Sofienberg-park in Oslo Saturday night.

Last year it was reported a record high 161 rapes and 35 attempted rapes in Oslo. The perpetrator in over 70% had a background other than Norwegian.

-But listen here, Norwegian Girls are complaining that foreign boys do this and that, but the reason so many rapes happen is that Norwegian girls are almost completely naked. It’s like saying “come here and fuck me” understand?

-So you are saying Norwegian girls are asking to be raped?

-Not exactly asking, but when you are outside almost completely naked and get drunk in some park or at some party with friends, and then complain about getting raped? It’s their own fault. Says the 26 year old from Somalia.

-But even if they are wearing little clothes and get drunk they aren’t asking to be raped?

-No but several foreigners here aren’t used to this where they are from. They aren’t used to girls dressing as they please, so maybe they misinterpret this, understand?

-When asked about the gang of boys that this weekend assaulted several girls, tackled them and ripped of their clothes they explain this with the very young age of the boys.

-Weren’t these boys very young? Like 13-14? I think they were curious on how women look. They were so young they didn’t know what they were doing say the 35 year old man from Somalia.

The 30 year old from Senegal says African men respects women, but assaults happen when the men drink.

-We from Senegal don’t like to talk with Norwegian men, but we like Norwegian women. This is because African culture respects women, but not men .(says the 30 year old man from Senegal)

-Then why are young African men attacking young Norwegian women.

-That happens sometimes. When we drink to much we sometimes assault them, but if we don’t drink we don’t attack, we respect them. Says the man from Senegal in fractured English.

-It is the 26 year old from Somalia that talks the most. He believes several people in the Somalia community share their point of view.

-Don’t you think people will be scared that you have these points of view if we air this interview?

-Air it because it is true. That is how it is, it’s the facts, I am not lying. I have never dated a Norwegian women but I have been with several. They are mostly very nice and awesome in bed.

Many of the participants of our discussion were appalled by these attitudes, including many that defend large-scale immigration from the Third World. But I think the men are right.

I agree very much though with the notion that Norwegian girls are getting abused because they are naive. They take things for granted, that are incompatible with multicultural society. They live according to their own cultural norms, one of which is the relative untouchability of a woman against her will, in a society where there are cultural groups that have diverging cultural norms and attitudes. But one has to look at the big picture. What causes this naivety?

I think here much of the blame has to be laid on the shoulders of those politicians and individuals in the media and elsewhere that create and percipitate such a distorted world-view, which lulls Norwegians (of both sexes) into this false sense of security.

Once people start realizing the full consequences and implications of the current social and demographic developments and the political ideals that guide them, once people think things to their logical conclusion, there would be much more opposition. The silent agreement that persists at least in Nordic politics and public debate concerning such issues as immigration and the social ideal of multiculturalism (a step into an absolutely opposite direction from the core principles of the nation state) would be called into question and the status quo would be shaken. Not something the current socio-political order would welcome.

Our traditional identities have been called into question, ridiculed and marginalized out of all role and function in society, while we are to be intrigued and excited by the identities of foreign groups. Our right to our own countries, our own nation states, has been waved off without so much as any public discussion. At the same time new identities are quite openly being manipulated to accomodate a cosmopolitan, heterogenous and rootless population. Words are given new meanings to distort reality to better fit a vision. Anyone trying to bring up a point of view counter to this development becomes immediatly branded. Everyone is to have an everyman’s right to the countries that our ancestors have cleared out for us, without there being any sympathy for opinions counter to these universalist ideals. Our national sovereignty has been quietly shipped off to Brussels and our politicians tell each other than Finland must be near the core of decision making in the international community - they have to, because increasingly such “international communities”, with offices far from here, control our daily lives.

This is 1984.

The Lisbon Treaty

Ylen uutisesta poimittua. Valtionsyyttäjä Illman haluaa “verkkorasistit” linnaan. Hän kertoo mm. seuraavaa:

- Esimerkiksi Ruotsissa on laki, joka edellyttää sivuston ylläpitäjää valvomaan siinä esiintyvää aineistoa. Itse pitäisin tarpeellisena harkita tämän tyyppisen lainsäädännön säätämistä myös Suomeen, valtionsyyttäjä Mika Illman toteaa.

Niin, mehän tiedämme, että Ruotsissa monikulttuurisuus voi hyvin. Sananvapauteen kajoaminen on varmasti toiminut Ruotsin eduksi.

Sen takia tämä seuraava kommentti herättää kummastusta:

- Pitäisin tärkeänä, ettei tilannetta päästetä sellaiseksi kuin se on eräissä muissa maissa, Ruotsissa ja Länsi-Euroopassa, valtionsyyttäjä Illman sanoo.

Minä en nyt oikein käsitä. Aina kun jossain Euroopassa tapahtuu suuremman mittaluokan kulttuurinen rikastus, alkavat omat älykkömme miettimään, että nämä tällaiset ongelmat täytyy välttää, täytyy välttää tekemästä samoja virheitä. Kuitenkaan ei ole merkkiäkään siitä, että näin tehdään. Virheitä ei tiedosteta, Suomessa apinoidaan kaikki Euroopasta. Johtunee siitä, että ainoa tapa välttää esim. Ruotsin ongelmat on luopua monikulttuurisuudesta ja massamaahanmuutosta. Mutta kuka sitten pyyhkisi Astrid Thorsin perseen vanhainkodissa? Niin, vastatkaapa siihen.

Sleipnir - Monopoly

I found this hilarious website some time ago, that is ridiculing American Whitey. Suburban, ‘liberal’ American Whitey, and the entire culture associated with them, to be more precise. While it is obviously written with the intent to humour rather than offer any deep insights into the subject, I think it touches upon a lot of issues that we nationalists and traditionalists have long criticized.

Even though the blog is quite American-centred in its discussion of Whitey, a lot of the things described can even, to our horror, be found among European Whitey. Perhaps the common factor is due to the liberal universalist mind-set, that in effect sees humanity as one indivisible whole (which makes the insistance on ethnic diversity strange), that deep down thinks that all people are like them, and that they should simply be enlightened and emancipated. These Whites have feelings of superiority towards the 3rd World and its inhabitants, which they don’t admit to themselves. They pretend they know what is right for them and what they want (democracy, equal rights for women, a secular over-sexualized consumer society - just like we have it). Because of this reason, the blog gives extra-kicks to us who can see the truth and the sad backgrounds of these funny, yet thought-provoking blog entries.

Some excerpts and examples:

On recycling:

Recycling is a part of a larger theme of stuff white people like: saving the earth without having to do that much.

Recycling is fantastic! You can still buy all the stuff you like (bottled water, beer, wine, organic iced tea, and cans of all varieties) and then when you’re done you just put it in a DIFFERENT bin than where you would throw your other garbage. And boom! Environment saved! Everyone feels great, it’s so easy!

On Knowing What’s best for poor people:

White people spend a lot of time of worrying about poor people. It takes up a pretty significant portion of their day.

They feel guilty and sad that poor people shop at Wal*Mart instead of Whole Foods, that they vote Republican instead of Democratic, that they go to Community College/get a job instead of studying art at a University.

It is a poorly guarded secret that, deep down, white people believe if given money and education that all poor people would be EXACTLY like them. In fact, the only reason that poor people make the choices they do is because they have not been given the means to make the right choices and care about the right things.

On apologizing:

White people know that their ancestors did some messed up things. As a result, it has become hard wired for them to apologize for almost anything.

In fact, white people are so used to apologizing that they start all sentences that might cause disagreement with “I’m sorry.” For example “I’m sorry, but Garden State was a better film than Hard Eight.”

In other cases, white people will apologize without being asked.

“Excuse me Dylan, you dropped a piece of paper in front of my desk.”

“Oh, sorry about that!”

It’s just that easy! Just point it out and they’ll apologize.

Sometimes if you are out late at night and a white person irritates someone at a night club or a bar, the first thing they will do is apologize in rapid fire mode in hopes it will stop them from getting their ass kicked. This technique has a surprisingly high success rate, as the aggressor immediately knows that fighting this person will be very easy, with little satisfaction.

More of the hilarity at Stuff White People Like.

Mistä media vaikenee

Hyvä katsaus maamme mediaan ja siinä häärääviin ihmisiin ja asenteisiin.

Monet ovat varmasti kuulleet suuren taitelijan, Katariina Lillqvistin teoksesta, jossa esiintyy kentauriksi muuttuva, korsettiin pukeutuva homo-Mannerheim. Kuten odottaa saattaa, ihmisten tunteita on nyt loukattu. Jupakkaa onkin jo verrattu Muhammed-pilakuviin ja niiden aiheuttamaan kuohuntaan. Onpa itse taiteilija Lillqvistkin tuominnut kriitikkonsa “yltiöisänmaallisina fundamentalisteina”.

Vaikea kuitenkaan olla loukkaantumatta, sillä sitähän tässä haetaan. Joku sanoi jossain osuvasti, että jos ei ole mitään merkittäviä meriittejä, paras tapa saada huomiota ja julkisuutta on “rikkoa yhteiskunnallisia tabuja”. Nyt Lillqvist pääsee toitottamaan aivopierujaan maan isoissa lehdissä, ja minkä tähden? Sen takia, että hän shokeeraa HOMO-Mannerheimilla.

Meidän yltiöinsänmaallisten kannattaisi osoittaa halveksuntamme maltillisesti. Tässä asiassa kansan syvät rivit ovat luultavasti yhtä tympääntyneitä Lillqvistiin, hänen kaltaisiinsa ja heidän aivottomiin tempauksiinsa.

Urban Dictionary Lillqvistin kaltaisista:

attention whore

Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter.

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