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"He wrote over 13 films, all of which he starred in, a great achievement for a nine-year career..."

"After Cliff’s death the film business was finished for most of us..."

Part 4

by Graham Rae (2004-06-14)

What came next?

Later on in 1991 I had a bit part with Cliff in “Lethal Impact”, wherein Cliff takes off my head. One of Cliff’s best films, this was originally going to be called “GBH 2” but because a TV program with the title “GBH” was being aired at the same time the title was changed. It was filmed in the Manchester City area and some other scenes were filmed in Malta. This film was Cliff doing what he does best: getting even for the death of his niece Catherine, who was raped and murdered by a pedophile ring. He goes on the trail of every member Charles Bronson style, and in true “Death Wish” fashion blows them all to kingdom come. Tim Condren, who did the pyrotechnics for the Bond films, was on hand to supervise the explosions and firearms, as well as starring in the film in a couple of scenes alongside Cliff.

What was the last film you and Cliff did together?

Sadly, this was “Bad Weekend”, which was part of a trilogy written by Cliff and filmed and directed by David Kent-Watson. It starred Cliff, David Rankin, Stuart Hurst and Peter Wheeler. We were in our element making this one, roaming about the woods in-between shooting scenes. We filmed near Manchester again, at Styal Country Park and Alderley Edge, playing a bunch of ruffians generally causing havoc everywhere we went. We had a great time. As usual I am killed off again by Cliff, but this time it came at the end of the film so I got to do a lot more acting! After each shoot we would all meet up in The Ship Inn for a round of drinks courtesy of David Kent-Watson.


Sadly, Cliff Twemlow died of heart failure on May 5th, 1993, aged 59. He was a great friend of mine. As I stated, he wrote over 13 films, all of which he starred in, a great achievement for a nine-year career. He will be remembered for his books and music scores. He wrote, produced, starred in, arranged the music, sometimes sang in and worked out the stunts and fight scenes in every film.

But most will remember him for his drive for filmmaking.

There will be a “GBH 3” coming out later this year as a tribute to Cliff, and it will be produced and directed by David Kent-Watson.

After Cliff’s death the film business was finished for most of us. I later found out that after he passed away that his flat was cleared of all the stuff in it and many – if not all – of the scripts and videos were binned. Stuart Hurst later told me that one of the cast from ”Bad Weekend” (‘Dikey’, aka Michael Wheelan) told him this as he had salvaged some of Cliff’s stuff by rooting through the waste bin outside Cliff’s flat.

I wonder how many good things were lost in that transaction?
16/10/1933 - 5/5/1993