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Welcome to the Shoelympics

tikulicious wrote 4 minutes ago: Welcome to the Indian Shoelympics The Iraqis have been a great inspiration for us Indians who love … more →

Tags: spinning a yarn of life, Humor, polical humor, Politics, Shoe throwing, shoelympics

Scalia Slams Fordham Law Professor For Privacy Invasion

jonathanturley wrote 4 minutes ago: Associate Justice Antonin Scalia publicly lashed out at Fordham Law Professor Professor Joel Reidenb … more →

Tags: Politics, Academics, Justice, Constitutional law, Supreme Court, Bizarre, media, Courts


Jan Freeman wrote 13 minutes ago: It makes you think though doesn’t it? So many unpleasant things happening in the world which seem de … more →

Tags: Philosophy, Politics, Future, Crisis, Science Fiction, World Affairs

Oxycontin and Old Lace: Two Elderly Women Arrested in Large Heroin Bust in Pennsylvania 1 comment

jonathanturley wrote 27 minutes ago: Two elderly sisters — Elizabeth Marie Grube, 70, and Elaine Volkert, 65 — have been arre … more →

Tags: Bizarre, Criminal Law

Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog - April 28, 2009

citizenbrain wrote 35 minutes ago: Peter Schiff is the president of Euro-Pacific Capital … more →

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Obama Calls Waterboarding Torture, But Refers to Bush Policies as "Mistakes" and Bad "Techniques"

jonathanturley wrote 36 minutes ago: Civil libertarians were a bit disappointed again in President Barack Obama’s press conference … more →

Tags: Lawyering, Politics, military, Justice, Congress, Constitutional law, Criminal Law, media, Courts

Cincinnati's Masked Super Hero

citizenbrain wrote 39 minutes ago: The Shadow Hare is fighting crime on the streets of Cincinnati. … more →

Tags: Economics, Politics, News, History, Life, health, Environment, Movies, Science

We Saw A Dangerous Pre-911 Mentality Tonight ~Karl Rove

citizenbrain wrote 42 minutes ago: April 29, 2009 News Corp … more →

Tags: Economics, Politics, News, History, Life, health, Environment, Movies, Science

The Bride and the Bridegroom: Love Poem

adventuresinventions wrote 46 minutes ago: The Bride and the Bridegroom I have compared thee, … more →

Tags: Love, Inventions, Adventures, Science, technology, sex, Culture, Romance, Arts

America didn't abandon Detroit, the Democrats abandoned Detroit

Norman wrote 49 minutes ago: I really hate to be rude about it. I certainly don’t intend to be blunt or cruel. But the fact … more →

Tags: A Conservative Observes and Comments, A professional blogger like me, allow me to explain, Correcting the Public Record, Financial Ruin, I am an Expert, Making liberals howl, My brilliant mind, My brilliant political blogging observations

TB or Not TB: Lawyer Involved in 2007 TB Scare Sues CDC1 comment

jonathanturley wrote 54 minutes ago: Andrew Speaker, the lawyer to cause an international health panic by getting on an international fli … more →

Tags: Congress, Courts, Environment, INTERNATIONAL, media, Politics, Torts

The Frustrating Futility of Women's Beauty

raquelsophia wrote 1 hour ago: No matter how much women try, they still cannot get it right. Women have read the publications. They … more →

Tags: Opinion, media, Culture, Public, Gender, News, pop culture, Diet, Lifestyle

How About a Little Cheese with your Whine

Damon Richards wrote 2 hours ago: A force exists between all living creatures. Call it whatever makes you comfortable, but don’t … more →

Tags: ought

We Stayed Out Past Ten And Drank Lemonade

standingonthebrink wrote 2 hours ago: I should be getting ready for my noon lecture, rather than sitting here in a nightshirt and hoody th … more →

Tags: Happenings, Women, consumer, Friendship, Life, Relationships, Politics, sex, Beliefs

Will Media Backlash Doom Twitter?

kegill wrote 3 hours ago: Doubtful. Mainstream Media Do Not Have A Good Track Record On Calling Fads. My 84-year-old father, w … more →

Tags: media, Social Networks, twitter

Lost generation

Shimshonit wrote 3 hours ago: I have cranked out as much substance this week as my brain can safely handle.  For the safety and he … more →

Tags: Children

All You Good Good People

hotbunnycharlie wrote 3 hours ago: [The Klaxons - Golden Skans] So I’ve been thinking, which, you will be please to know, hurts l … more →

Tags: Behaviour, Evolution


Jan Freeman wrote 3 hours ago: The long trains are waiting and camps standing by For those who might soon stray or be lost … more →

Tags: injustice, Poetry, Crisis, Future, HOPE, Life, Politics, World Affairs

Simple is genious...1 comment

RosenRed wrote 4 hours ago: In most cases, the simplest solution is the best. It seems that the same goes for pizza boxes. Yes, … more →

Tags: internets, videos, Pizza, Go Green!, simple, Environment, Simple Is Genious