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So What Does This Do?

The current default WordPress administration area is functional, but I felt it could be improved. For several reasons, I didn’t want to touch the XHTML framework of the admin, but instead relied on the power of CSS2 to manipulate the presentation. The whole package has been wrapped up into a single plugin. Just install and activate. The new design will be immediately visible.



If you enjoy this plugin, use it for client work, or appreciate hard work donated to the community, consider making a donation. Funds will go to hosting, time for future updates, and caffeine. Thanks for your support.



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Browser Compatibility

Currently this design is compatible with Safari and Firefox. Until Internet Explorer complies with CSS2 specifications, this plugin will default back to the original WordPress administration design. The plugin does this automagically, without the need for browser sniffing. If the browser is incapable of displaying CSS2, it will not display the updated design.

Download and Installation

First, download the plugin. Unzip the file, and place the entire wp-admin-tiger folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory. For clarification, the plugin file ‘wp-admin-tiger.php’ and plugin file directory ‘wp-admin-tiger-files’ should be located in the /wp-content/plugins/wp-admin-tiger/ folder. After the files are in place, browse to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area, and activate the plugin. The administration design should immediately change. To revert back to the original design, just deactivate the plugin. No core files are (nor should be) modified to install this plugin.

Version History

  • v3.0
    • Completely Redesigned
    • Better WordPress 2.0 Support and Compatibility
    • Reported Speed Increases
  • v2.01 Released 12/30/2005 (Download Archived Version: Tiger 2.01 for WP 2.0 | Tiger 2.01 for WP 1.5
    • Added Logout button
    • Fixed 'gap' on post page in Safari
    • Fixed an error in Install.pdf
  • v2.0 Released 12/29/2005
    • Updated for WordPress 2.0.
    • Realigned the buttons on the Delete Comments page
    • Subnavigation items no longer wrap across buttons
    • Added styles for new Write Post area
  • v1.3 Released 6/15/2005
    • Fixed Amazon (and others) Plugin error.
    • Realigned the secondary navigation
    • Narrowed the main navigation
    • Added button styles
    • Improved Safari support
    • Fixed misc. CSS bugs
  • v1.2 Released 6/10/2005
    • Made the design a plugin.
    • Included a CSS import rule that IE and other CSS2-incapable browsers ignore, so they will default to the original WP Admin style.
    • Misc. bug fixes
  • v1.1 Released 6/10/2005
    • Fixed Bookmarklet Bug, and login position.
    • Removed _noted directory from ol_admin_images directory.
  • v1.0 Released 6/9/2005
    • First Release