Mega Mac and Big Mac Chant

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mega mac

McDonald's is now offering the Mega Mac for a limited time only. The Mega Mac is a super sized Big Mac with four (4) beef patties instead of the usual two. It retails for RM 14.50 for a large value meal.

mega mac meal

I went there after work today since I felt like I could handle the four patty behemoth, having skipped lunch and all.

mega mac burger

It is basically a huge Big Mac with double the amount of patties.

mega mac patties

There's nothing new about Big Macs (having being around since time immemorial, or so it seems) but there's something appealing about biting into the largest burger ever produced by McDonald's (exception being the Half Pounder promotion in Australia).

big mac chant challenge

The Big Mac Chant is also doing the rounds this time with an online and offline advertising blitz. It's a phrase you have to say within four seconds (probable tie in to the four beef patties a.k.a, "four times the kick" Mega Mac) to win a free Big Mac.

big mac chant coupon

To qualify for the Big Mac Chant, you have to purchase a McValue Meal which entitles you to one (1) entry coupon valid for "one chant, one chance" at the Big Mac Chant Challenge Counter.

I was the only one at the Big Mac Chant Challenge Counter at that hour and I guess I was probably the first in Sibu to attempt it (since they had to set up the counter for me) but I did it in 3 seconds flat. :)

It was very appealing experience to have the McDonald's crew crowd around the counter to watch me do it. I could hear people coming from the kitchen area asking the timer whether I did it and several comments of "Cepatnya" (He's fast) from the crew. Heh!

big mac chant

Guide to the Big Mac Chant:

Two all-beef patties, special sauce,    - 1 second
lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions,        - 1 second
on a sesame seed bun.                      - 1 second

It's essential to finish the entire chant in one breath so take a nice, deep breath before attempting the Big Mac Chant. Most people can probably finish it in about 3 seconds if you take a minute or two to practice first.

handle it

I can handle it!

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HAHAAA that was fast man! good job! i tried it at home, its hard at the "sesame seed bun" line.

and you actually asked the counter guy "cepat lah cepat lah"?

Looks delicious. McDonalds is finally catching onto my idea on the ultimate burger: Patty of quater-pounder, patty of chicken, patty of fillet-o-fish, a layer of nuggets and a layer of french fries, another patty of quarter pounder with excess cheese and pickles heaped with ketcup, galic mayo, bbq sauce... in a sesame bun :)

The next best thing is to order everything on the menu and make it yourself (ignoring the odd looks) people give ;)

MC Donald should pay guy like you maybe for free promo on your blog. You got potential to be a rapper, the Sibu Ah Beng rapper ha..ha.. ;p.

p/s: Maybe you should stuff the whole Mac in your mouth in 3 seconds that will be a challange the rate you're going, pretty soon u're going to take over my title!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Isn't that scary???

Woolala~~~ that was fast, and smooth. I don't think I am good at thing like that. It's ok, McD is not my cup of tea.

I am shocked!!! You are really good. I could never do that.

Dude, this is kindie stuff to you man. Don't keep going back there to chant ya. Give others a chance la:P

I have not had Big Mac for years after I noticed they shrunk the size of patties and it didn't taste the same as it used too. I won't be surprised if the so-called Mega Mac weighed the same as Big Mac which they probably slice the normal Big Mac patties in half.

Of all the burger chains available here in KL, I must say Carl's Jr is the BEST! Though its burgers are expensive, mostly above RM10 for an ala carte but it's worth every penny:P

That meat? looks fucking disgusting.

Nice chant!!!!

Reminds of the old McD's song:

lol you still talk like super fast. are you only entitled to do this chant thing once? think of all the free big macs you can get!

zeroize: er...yeah, i was kinda in the mood to rattle off the chant already and he wasn't ready. guess i was a bit of an asshole there. ;)

JW: you know, i actually attempted to eat the entire mcdonald's menu during a fit of cannabis inspired madness one time in melbourne. i nearly succeeded too but i puked after that.

Roland: haha! thank you for that. it gave me the inspiration for my next entry - the big mac chomp challenge. eat the big mac within 4 seconds. heh!

suituapui: well, then i can join you for that RM 11 buffet at li hua and eat them under the table. :)

fish fish: i talk pretty fast normally (as you probably realize the first time you met me) so it's not a big problem for me. :)

Choonie: it's not that hard really. trick is to not enunciate every word and run the words into each other a bit. :)

Anak Pak Lah: no, the mega mac is really huge. definitely four standard sized patties in there.
i personally prefer burger king myself. something about the bbq grilled patties.

Crunk Juice: i don't remember that song running in the ads over here...perhaps its an ad campaign for your region.

Irene: yeah, the speed is still there. ;)
i don't think there's any limit to the number of times you can go for the challenge. i asked today and they said you can do it as many times as you like so long as you purchase a mcvalue meal.
i can probably get big macs for free this month. too bad you're in kuching or i'll get one for you.

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