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About the German Citizenship Project

The German Citizenship Project (GCP) handles claims for the restoration of German citizenship for Jewish victims of the Nazi regime.

Between 1933 and 1945, a series of racial, political and religious laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship. Today, German law provides for the restoration of the rights and privileges of citizenship to Jews who were deprived of their citizenship under the Nazi regime. Restoration of German citizenship is also available to the descendants of former German citizens, including children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren and beyond.

Together with its overseas affiliate, the GCP can navigate the complex process of re-naturalization for eligible candidates:

+ we thoroughly evaluate each case;

+ we make a determination, based on your family's unique history, of your eligibility under the German law;

+ we will conduct the necessary research and documents collection in the US, and, through our overseas affiliate, we can obtain crucial documents located in Germany;

+ we handle the application process and will file your petition with the German government on behalf of eligible clients.

GCP's work has been featured in various national news and media outlets, such as this Washington Post article that can be read by clicking here. More recently, GCP has been featured in the Star-Telegram. The article can be read by clicking here.


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