Warcraft II Battle.net Edition

The world of Warcraft is about to invade Battle.net in Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition. This definitive version of the classic real-time strategy game combines the original Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and the Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal expansion set with free Internet play over Battle.net to allow up to 8 opponents from around the world to compete in fantastic warfare. Features include:

  • Support for Win95/98/NT and Macintosh
  • Unique User IDs and a worldwide ranking system for challenge ladders on Battle.net.
  • Over 70 missions across 4 campaigns
  • Over 100 Blizzard signed and approved maps, newly built or redesigned and balanced for multi-player games.
  • Map, unit and sound editing tools for customization of single and multiplayer battles


Warcraft II Battle.net Edition is the continuation of the ruthless clash between the armies of the noble Humans and the brutish Orcs. From the initial, unexpected invasion of the Orcish Horde to the quest of the Great Alliance to forever seal the Dark Portal that links their two worlds, you will experience the epic saga of the mighty battle to gain dominance over the kingdom of Azeroth. Along the way you'll need to carefully manage your limited resources to successfully construct and rule your medieval empire while engaging in real-time tactical warfare over land, sea and air.

The Warcraft Series has sold over four million copies worldwide and has won numerous awards including multiple Game of the Year and Best Multiplayer Game honors.

For the answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions, check out the Warcraft II Battle.net Edition FAQ.

An Orc Invasion! Human Raiding Party Warcraft II BNE Battle.net Interface

With the death of the Orcish Warchief Blackhand, his underling Orgrim Doomhammer was quick to seize control over the most powerful of the Orcish forces on Azeroth. Although each day finds other factions growing stronger within the chaotic Horde, it seems certain that all of the clans will follow Orgrim's plans to hunt down and destroy the renegade Azerothiens wherever they choose to run...

Sir Lothar, in charge of the scattered armies of Azeroth since the death of King Llane, has led his people across the Great Sea to the shores of Lordaeron. By enlisting the armies of Lordaeron, and making new allies in the Elves and Dwarves, a mighty force known as the Alliance has been forged. Now, the last of the once great armies of Azeroth seek retribution for the loss of their homeland.

After destroying the mystic gate into Azeroth, the Humans discover that the rift which allows the Orcs passage into their world still exists. Human forces must now venture beyond the Dark Portal into Orcish lands to put an end to the threat of yet another invasion by the hordes.

At the same time, Ner'zhul- Warchief of the Shadow Moon clan- has seized control of the Orcish hordes of Draenor, and is gathering his forces in an attempt to open portals to other worlds, while bringing the nations of Azeroth to their knees.

Cinematic: Orc Grunt Cinematic: Face Off With An Ogre Pre-Game Chatroom

  • Multi-player support for as many as 8 players via Battle.Net or IPX network
  • Blizzard's spawning technology that allows up to eight players to compete over Battle.net by installing multiple copies from the original CD-ROM.
  • Automatic map passing over Battle.net
  • Implementation of Top vs. Bottom multi-player template
  • Shared Vision in multi-player games
  • Ability to /Whisper in and out of games
  • Improved game set-up, game options, dropping of players and inclusion of Battle.net chat
  • Setting of game speed before the game starts that cannot be switched back and forth during game play.
  • Incorporation of the 3 Pauses per player / per game rule
  • Assigning and selection of Groups through # keys
  • Ability to choose Random starting race, resources and tileset.
  • Ability to set Latency Tolerance within games
  • Attack Move command will now function correctly
  • Patrol command now sends units to the selected location rather than stopping after any contact
  • Set maps and game parameters for Ladder Games
  • Scroll Speed fixed on faster computers
  • Town Hall / Great Hall is required as the first building in your technology tree
  • Ctrl+click or double-click will select closest 9 units of that type currently on the screen
  • Space bar centers the map on last 8 transmissions (sequential)
  • Current food displayed along with gold/oil/lumber
  • Maintained compatibility with the DOS version of Warcraft II via local area network or modem
  • Unit limit raised from 600 to 1200 for Enhanced games
  • Added upper limit of 200 food for each player, like StarCraft
  • Mining out an oil rig completely no longer returns a small amount of lumber and gold to the player.
  • Flying Machines, Goblin Zeppelins, Goblin Sappers, Dwarven Demolition Teams now have a Patrol option.
  • Canceling Foundries no longer uses all of the oil you spent to build it.
  • Allies can see friendly invisible units now.
  • Allies' towers and flying units will now reveal enemy subs.
  • Partially-built towers can no longer see submarines.
  • Death Coil will no longer damage allies.
  • New sounds have been added for Skeletons, Runes, Eye of Killrogg, and for completed upgrades.
  • Death & Decay and Death Coil now have the proper icons
  • First Town Hall / Great Hall now build at the speed of a Farm. All other Town Halls / Great Halls build at the normal rate.
  • You can now take 1000 screenshots instead of just 100.
  • 2 new game speeds (slowest and fastest)
Many of the multi-player features listed are available only when playing against other Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition users.

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