Ontario's acting chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams confirms the cases of swine flu in the Toronto-area, Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

Ontario's acting chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams confirms the cases of swine flu in the Toronto-area, Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

This map illustrates where the 13 cases of swine flu across Canada are located to date.

This map illustrates where the 13 cases of swine flu across Canada are located to date.

Alberta Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andre Corriveau confirms two new cases during a press conference, Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

Alberta Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andre Corriveau confirms two new cases during a press conference, Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

Passengers line up before boarding a flight to Mexico at Pearson International Airport, Tuesday, April, 28, 2009.

Passengers line up before boarding a flight to Mexico at Pearson International Airport, Tuesday, April, 28, 2009.

4 swine flu cases in Ont.; Canadian total now 13

Updated Tue. Apr. 28 2009 6:55 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

Four cases of swine flu have now been reported in Ontario, bringing the total number of Canadian cases to 13. All of the Ontario cases were found in the Toronto area and have been linked to Mexican travel.

"All cases are the same strain of the human-swine influenza that has been found in the United States and Mexico, and all of the confirmed cases in Canada so far have been mild," Canada's chief public officer of health David Butler-Jones told reporters Tuesday.

Ontario's acting chief medical officer, Dr. David Williams, said he believes the province will see more cases in the future.

"Personally, I know we're going to see a lot more cases. It's only a matter of time because of the amount of flow of public that go back and forth to Mexico," he said in a separate news conference.

Also on Tuesday, health authorities in Alberta confirmed two mild cases in the province: one in Calgary and the other in the northern part of the province.

Alberta's chief medical officer Dr. Andre Corriveau said both patients were men who contracted the virus during recent travel to Mexico. Neither man's illness was severe enough that he had to be hospitalized.

"These cases show that our monitoring and surveillance system is working as it should," Corriveau said in a news release.

Other confirmed swine flu cases include three in B.C. and four at King's Edgehill School in Windsor, N.S.

King's Edgehill Headmaster Joseph Seagram told Canada AM on Tuesday that three of the four students have now been given a clean bill of health. The fourth is "recovering nicely and we expect he will be released today."

So far, only Mexico has seen severe disease related to the virus, but Butler-Jones said that could change.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Agency of Canada is advising against all non-essential travel to Mexico, due to the swine flu outbreak there that has caused the deaths of 152 people.

"As of April 27, 2009, travellers from Canada are recommended to postpone elective or non-essential travel to Mexico until further notice," stated the advisory.

The U.S., France, Britain and Germany are also warning against unnecessary travel to Mexico.

Ottawa recommends that those who must travel to Mexico do the following to minimize risk:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap under warm running water.
  • If water isn't available, use an alcohol-based gel hand-sanitizer.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, and wash your hands afterwards.
  • Avoid contact with people who appear to have respiratory illness.
  • Monitor Canada's and Mexico's public health agency websites.
  • Get vaccinated against seasonal flu.

Following the travel advisory, Canada's biggest travel companies cancelled trips to Mexico, including Transat AT, which will bring all employees and customers back to Canada.

The company said that flights to Mexico will be cancelled until at least June 1 and will impact people who booked trips with Air Transat, Transat Holidays, Nolitours, Vacances Transat and Look Voyages.

Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations also announced Tuesday they will suspend all operations to Cancun, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, until June 1. The airline said, however, it will keep its flights to Mexico City going.

Air Canada Vacations customers booked for Cancun, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta may rebook their holiday with no change fees to any destination or resort offered by the company.

Officials monitor illness globally

Dr. Donald Low, an infection disease specialist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, says he doesn't believe there are any parts of Mexico that are swine flu virus-free.

"We really have to appreciate now that this has spread throughout all of Mexico. We're hearing about cases in all four corners of Mexico. We're hearing about people coming back from all over Mexico with this disease," he told CTV Newsnet.

"So what it means is there are probably hundreds of thousands of people who have been infected with this and we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg by identifying only the very sick. That's why it looks like a very severe influenza in Mexico. But in actual fact, it may have a death rate that's similar to seasonal influenza.

"We're not talking about avian influenza or SARS where we saw a death rate of 10 per cent."

The World Health Organization is monitoring the global infection rate. On Monday, they raised the pandemic alert level from a Phase 3 to Phase 4 level, marking the increasing severity of the outbreak.

The Phase 4 classification -- the first since 1999 --means human-to-human transmission is taking place.

The World Health Organization says it may bump the pandemic alert to Phase 5 if it finds evidence the swine flu viruses is passing beyond second generation spread. Most cases to date outside of Mexico are in people who became infected in Mexico and travelled home.

If the WHO sees travellers infecting family members, who infect work colleagues and so on, that would signal that the swine flu virus is well adapted to human spread and poses an even greater pandemic threat.

WHO spokesperson Paul Garwood said the organization is respecting individual countries' handling of the outbreak and said travellers should be cautious and follow their government's travel recommendation.

"We feel now that the virus has been found in several countries it's difficult to contain, so we need to focus on mitigation efforts," Garwood told CTV's Canada AM on Tuesday.

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nikita alberta
why did it take this long??!!
why is it the general public seems 'smarter' than the people making these decisions--people have been asking for this ban for a while now?
I realize this travel ban likely wouldn't have stopped the spread anyways--but at least it would have helped with people trying to cancel trips because they felt a bit nervous about going.

Bob Brook
With each negative story coming out of Mexico(and they do keep coming), I am less and less interested in vacationing there in spite of encouragement from friends saying what a great place it is.
With spring here and the economy like it is, maybe this is just another good reminder that we have the best country in the world to vacation in right here!

Bob Toronto
People who still go there should not complain about being delayed coming back to Canada....they should be put into quarantine should they be carrying the virus!!!!!
Wake up people is a holiday worth the possible death?

Elizabeth, Ontario
If Canadians follow the travel advisory and cancel all non-essential travel to Mexico; wash hands, with soap, often and thoroughly; cough into elbow or tissue; and stay home when feeling ill we will get through this. I have faith in the medical professionals and feel the effects will be as minimal as possible if all Canadians do their part in minimizing the risks.

Regardless if it is the Swine Flu, the Influenza A or any other illness, it is lurking everywhere. They are all brutal illnesses. Just go visit your local hospital and you will see it there also.
I wish they would slow down with the scare, as most of the world is paranoid about germs in the first place.

You will likely do hundreds of things today that are going to be more likely to kill you than catching swine flue in Mexico.

There isn't enough data to suggest this media frenzy isn't anything but a wild overreaction

Three of the six cases are already heading back to school. This is a potentially dangerous virus but look at what is happening around the world. Once out of a borderline third world country, the individuals recover quickly. That's in a large part due to our higher standard of living and not living in filth. The "normal flu kills thousands each year in Canada so why is this type being blown so out of proportion?
One very good thing that is coming from this is the Global health alert system is being used and so far seems to be quite effective.
Wash your food, wash your hands and if you're sick, stay home until your better

Michele, Nova Scotia
I don't understand why people are still being allowed to travel to Mexico and then return back in Canada without being put into quartine.

When there is a case of mad cow disease the borders are closed until it is acceptable.
But it is ok for travellers to put our citizens at risk.

Come on ban all travel to Mexico until this is under control before our Canadians start dying as well.

A Koster - BC
Finally!!! LOL even though the WHO made it clear today that it was too late to contain it, at least some people will get money back on their tickets.
It's a hard pill to swallow when China and Russia appear to care more about it's citizens than Canada does about theirs. Does not compute, unless of course, the extremely young and the very old would be deemed to be an easy takeover.

Mark Courtice
Sigh!, I have been saving up all my cash working 2 jobs. I can't wait til everyone leaves Mexico so I can have the whole place to myself with some super beautiful Mexican woman you always see in the adds. What I got my Flu shot this year!

Al in NB
More Mexico bashing I see...

What about issuing a travel advisory for places like Brazil and India which have millions of people infected with the much more dangerous tuberculosis?

Ah, that's right. They aren't as fun to bash as Mexico.

take some responsbility
Everyone comes down so hard on the Government for not issuing a travel warning sooner. Are you not capable of deciding on your own whether or not to travel to Mexico? People are very quick to blame others.
Thoughts and prayers go out to those are affected by this flu.

To bad the travel companies won't support this. If I cancel my trip or postpone it I lose thousands of dollars. The government should force travel agencies to refund or at least reschedule vacation plans.

Melissa in Windsor
With all due respect, a travel advisory should have been issued right from the beginning. It was all common since. I live in Windsor, NS and since we have been told that Swine Flu is in our town people have been put on edge and are going to the hospital to see if they have it. What was our government thinking, I'll give your the answer, they were not.

To schpid:

Your comment about mexicans living in filth is very derogatory and in large part ignorant. Mexico is like many other countries, including our very own Canada, and has its bad areas, and in large urban centers like Mexico City I am sure there are squalid living conditions.

If you want to see people living in flith, all you have to do is check out downtown Toronto...under the Gardner expressway...you don't even have to go all the way to another country you know nothing about!

People, please stop bashing Mexico. I agree with the travel ban until more is known, but this is not the "fault" of Mexico, anymore than sars was the "fault" of Canada.

The short memeories of some people amaze me.

Brenda from Etobicoke
I'd like to know why everything takes so much longer here in Canada to declare issues like the swine flu to be extremely important? Our government should be doing something but then look what they did with the SARS outbreak....maybe they are looking for the same thing to happen now.

Earle, Hamilton
More people died last month from crossing the street in the US than all to the Swine Flu suspected deaths combined. Lets ban crosswalks! This media hype is a joke!

Deborah Montreal
I think until all this is over, travelling to Mexico should be banned. Not fair for people who dont go and others come back with the virus and spread it..wake up government!!!!

jp from ns
I totally agree with Michelle.
It all media hype!! I quess they have nothing better to talk about.
Sooner or later people wont leave their house. Scared they might catch the common flu which kills 40000 people in canada per year.(or the swine flu that has killed 152 people in another country)
you cant live life scared all the time. Dont be reckless but live life to the fullest. you only have so much time on this beautiful planet enjoy it

Is it mostly students who have this flu ? They must have had an invincible vacation.
How many more had to be infected before this warning is issued. Too late....

CW in Waterloo
It took so long because our Minister of Health has absolutely no qualifications for the position, so they have meetings, and they consult, and they ponder and eventually do what a real leader would have done in the first place.....meanwhile the planes keep leaving for Mexico.

Oh and Earl, comparing to people crossing roads is just foolish. More than 10 % of people crossing roads are not killed! There is no comparison. Don't be so ignorant.

Ray Ontario
Why not just ban the unnecessary travel to Mexico ...Period..
What about those migrant workers waiting to come to Ontario from Mexico. That story sort of died on the press table. Don't let them in until the issue of a pandemic is cleared up

Mary Clarke
Facts are 150 are dead out of 6 billion .
13,000 died in the U.S last year from T.B.
While it's wise to take precautions,let's not overblow this thing.

Gabriel Chancey
Similar type of warnings were issued in the 70's. It turned out that far more people died from the vaccine,then the flu itself.

Matt in Ottawa
120 deaths from swine flu.

How many die every year from regular old people flu?

WHO raised the threat level to a 6
and all canada can do is say "hmm try not to travel to mexico..." Wtf?

ALL FLIGHTS should be shut down, and we should start wearing masks and gloves until we know exactly what it is

Big Jim
Now Mexico is blaming Canada for the swine flu. A CNN reporter was asking people how this started and the majority said that it came from Canada. Do these people have a clue? They have substandard healthcare and hygene and they have 22 million people in Mexico City. After all the Canadians that were killed, sorry murdered down there, all the Canadians that have been wrongfully imprisoned, guns fights in the streets, corrupt government and Canadians still want to go there. Forget it.

Retired Soldier in Kingston ON
Congratulations to Health Canada officials for overcoming their anxieties regarding offending anyone and putting the protection of Canadians first!

Now, if the Federal Government can only address the ridiculous concept of allowing 700,000 refugees into this country from every corner of the globe over a span of 25 years, without any appropriate health and security screening by Ottawa!

Or how about those 6,250,000 immigrants who have entered the country from Asia since 1984; again, without any adequate screening of any kind other than their supposed suitability for employment, courtesy of our political mandarins?

An article which directly supports the above data, printed in the Ottawa Citizen on 27 April, 2009 by none another than the former Executive Director of the Immigration Service, Mr. James Bissett is highly illuminating!!

Evidently, federal politicians and health care officials have a sliding "scale of risk"
when it comes to our welfare!!

Here's hoping that Canadians are smart enough to know when they're being "managed" for political considerations by Ottawa!

Pro Patria!

Why is Canada ALWAYS one of the last countries to respond to major crisis?

Sam in Toronto
WHO sure didn't waste any time issuing a complete travel ban to Toronto, when SARS hit!!

Why bother travelling to Mexico anyway, it is totally overrated, really not that impressive. Go somewhere else even better, still take precautions but just avoid Mexico altogether.

Al in Mexico
I live in Baja California and was visiting Calgary Alberta in January where I contacted the flu. It took me a good 8 weeks to recover fully. I think all you Canadians need to be banned from Mexico!

Why aren't we taking simple precautions to protect our population? All international travel should require mandatory vaccinations or you don’t go! Airports should have technology to scan for sick individuals. Hospitals should have mandatory masks and hand sanitization as a minimum for anyone walking through the door. I was in the emergency waiting area yesterday because my stepson had broken his leg. While I was not ill I was exposed to others who were. There was nobody making sure that people used the hand sanitizer or masks because that is left up to volunteers who are only there during daytime hours. There is no proper AC system which cleans the air even though I put simple UVC device in my home that does the job. Instead there is an overhead fan blowing the germs around that everyone is coughing out. Pandemic here we come!

Wow really? Michelle and Bob and people like you who say this is some media malarchy? At what point do over 150+ dead people make this a serious issue? Enjoy your trip to Mexico. Sure there are things that can kill me here at home, but I don't need to go put myself in danger, or wear a mask all day. Get real people. 150+ people are dead because of this, and it's happening in Mexico...where else should the media and gov't be warning us about? Don't go to Africa because there's swine flu in Mexico!!! Are you people for real?

I am Legend
A travel warning to Mexico has been issued by the Canadian Government. Thousands of citizens all across our country recently returned from Mexico during the spring break period. Should we be concerned?

Give me a Break here.
Are there really people out there that are so out to lunch they have to be told by the Government what to do and when to do it. Must be the same crowd that vacation in a war zone then blame the Government when they get into trouble. A little common sense or personal responsibility, please!

I realize that the news agencies of the world have a mandate to report the news of the world, but it seems to me that often the news agencies make the problem worse than it is by their constant sensationalist reporting. This breakout of Swine flu seems to be one of those cases. While I realize that this flu is terrible and could effect the whole world in drastic ways - the constant reporting of the worst case scenario by news agencies around the world does not lower the level of worry but raises it to instead to a panic level. Is that truly what you as a news agency want?

Rick in NB
@ Bob Toronto:
If you think that this will deter all travelers. Remember 29% of these people figure economy is more important than safety in an automobile.
Idiots will be lining up to travel. Vacation in Viral Vallarta.

Why is there a travel ban?

Yes there have been a handful of deaths. Most people have recovered just fine.

Is there any data to suggest that this flu strain is actually more dangerous than any other?

With this latest scare get people to wash their hands regularly? From what I can tell many people still don't wash their hands after using the restroom. That's the real health emergency IMO.

Brandy Howarth
Do people actually not have brains of their own???
You mean to tell me,that many of you would have to have a Govt. travel advisory to tell you what the Govt. and everybody else has already heard all over the news???
Why can't you simply make your own decision,whether or not you want to risk travelling anywhere right now?
Let's face it. You're doing nothing but trying to find fault in the current Govt.
NOTHING ELSE. Either that,or you have no brains of your own,and the Govt. needs to hold your hand,and tell you what to do.
Pretty pathetic attempts.


So far there are 149 deaths from the Swine Flu because of the extraordinary effort put out by the world's various medical groups that converged on Mexico post haste.

"Good old people flu" is a different, milder flu that mostly kills the weak and old.

Everyone should really appreciate the efforts the world medical groups are making on our behalf in Mexico and around the world to contain the Swine Flu. We learned a lot from the killer Spanish Flu of 1918.

Just because 6 Canadians got the "Swine Flu" doesn't mean we should all panic. They have even fully recovered already! If you are concerned about it, then don't go to Mexico. You shouldn't need to wait for your Government to tell you to use your common sense.

Read about some of our world's past pandemics and take note that we haven't had a flu pandemic in over 40 years. We become more and more capable of dealing with Flu outbreaks as time goes on, don't let the media work you into a frenzy. 2 million people die EACH YEAR from TB (Which can be passed via the air we breathe), but is anyone actively worried about that?

Dale - Edmonton
And still we see there has not been ONE single death outside of Mexico, every single confirmed case outside of Mexico has recovered or is recovering...c'mon people USE YOUR HEADS and think this through. If this was the horrible thing the media is making it out to be don't you think that would have happened by now? Its a new flu virus...so what? There are new variants of the flu virus every year..every single year...thats why there is a new flu shot every year.

Pete in Victoria
I can only laugh at some of these comments...media frenzy, overkill, scare tactics.

It was the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION that raised this to a Pandemic...not the BBC, LA Times, CTV or anyone else.

The fact that the Canadian body has issued a travel advisory is for the sake of those here. The are protecting from unnecessary illness and death. WE can ill afford to deal with the financial implications should an outbreak occur here.

Good on them for the advisory!

Finally some decent decisions! I guess someone from Health Canada remembered Mexico from their geography classes...

Hope it's not too late since there are already advisory warnings against Canada.

MAZ in Alberta
Even before the swine flu outbreak, a number of people I know who have travelled to Mexico have gotten sick while there or when they returned to Canada. Some of them required hospitalization.

Why do you think a trip to Mexico is so inexpensive? Cheap labour! Where do you think the workers for the Mexican resorts come from? Locals who will do anything to support their families! Where do you think these workers live? A couple blocks away from the resorts people are living in terrible conditions!
With all the corruption, do you honestly think the Mexican resort workers and inspectors follow any kind of Health standards?

Maybe Mexico is a cheap trip, but in the long run you may be compromising your health.

Earl Robert
If it takes “media hype” to get people to wash their hands and cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing then I’m all for it. Some people never learn.

This ban should have been put in place since we first heard of the outbreak. Why is this government so slow in reacting to diseases as such? Now the world is blaming Canada for the start of the Swine Flu. Did we ever learn from SARS?

the time for a travel advisory to mexico is past. there are already cases of swine flu in canada ....now while the kids in this story are recovering how about the people that they were in contact with....am just using these kids as an example...there are others who were in mexico who have been in contact with others as well.

Dan in Regina
Canadians bashing Mexicans... tsk tsk. Lately I'm failing to see the difference between Americans and Canadians. Do not fall into their ways Canada! You are smarter than that!

Sad but True
Some countries lead, some countries follow...Canada follows.

No Mexico For Me
You won't catch me going to that corrupt country ever again. Why would anyone risk their personal safety and health to go to Mexico? That country has been brutalizing Canadians for years now, this is just another reason to go anywhere but there.

HN in AB
Monique get your facts straight, WHO has raised it to a phase 4, NOT 6.

I don't get why people are so eager to risk their lives. Who knows you might go down there and be fine, or you might not... do you want to gamble with your life like that?!

It isn't a travel ban - it is an advisory, meaning no one is saying you can't go,but is warning that you shouldn't.

It's about time we stood up for our country. If the outbreak had taken place here how long would it take the rest of the world to kick us to the curb. I have long beleived that in the wake of the murders and drug cartels and violence now a swine flu outbreak due to poor sanitation that the federal government should have issued this alert years ago.

Louise < Ontario
I`d like to know what our government is doing to check the health of all those currently here from Mexico to work on our Canadian farms - which is in direct link to our food supply.

Mexican farm workers may not be allowed into Canada to help with the veg. fruit and horticulture crops in Ontario.
The farmers are worried that there may not be enough help to harvest the crops.
Canada's jobless rate is now 8 per cent, the highest in seven years.

Any thoughts on who could help?????????

Andrea H in Ottawa
From my past work experience in the travel industry when the SARS scare broke out, they should be restricting travel to Mexico. Also, be checking every passenger that gets on a plane, or off a plane that shows symptoms of the flu.Every single Canadian airport, should have CATSA and CRS, or some other security or health workers, checking the passengers to see if they are okay.

I think this is a bit of an over-reaction, the media has placed such a huge emphasis on this swine flu, when people all over the world die from the regular strands of flu every year!! People have planned their weddings in Mexico and banning travel is not going to stop anything! No matter what strand of flu is out there, people just have to be smart and take precautions when in contact with people that look ill!

Alex (Toronto)
The flu kills people every year in every country. This isn't the black death. Hand-washing and staying home if you're sick are good ideas. But it would cost billions of dollars a day to close borders. There are cases of swine flu in the US and in Canada. Should we close the border and put millions of Canadians out of work because a few people have the flu? People should have a little common sense.

Stevo from NB in AB
To Retired Soldier in Kingston ON
I agree. Well put. But I also wonder how many of the immigrants are planning to travel home to visit then return to Canada....


"Good old people flu" is a different, milder flu that mostly kills the weak and old.

I agree on everything except the "milder".
The current data does not show that this strain has a significantly higher mortality rate.

We have learned from the 1918 flu and subsequent diseases, but unfortunately we still react emotionally.

I'm more concerned with TB, due to it's high death rate. An estimated 30 million deaths in the last decade alone. Or MRSA (34% death rate.)

Yes this is flu is a serious health risk, but it is much less of a health risk than any number of diseases, and we can be fought with basic hygiene practices, which can't be said of the diseases we should be scared of.

Howard in Brampton
I'm grateful that the Public Health Agency of Canada has finally issued a travel advisory against all non-essential travel to Mexico to avoid exposure to Swine Flu. However, what surprises me most is why anybody would travel to a country where corruption is historically endemic throughout all Mexican Government agencies, both National and State. Horror stories abound regarding the number of Canadians who have had the misfortune to experience the Mexican Judicial system. Mexico adheres to the archaic Napoleonic code of law, residue from when the French controlled Mexico. Unlike the Canada where you are “innocent until proven guilty”, in Mexico, you are “guilty until you prove you are innocent.” Corruption plagues the various levels of police, and is frequently difficult to track down and prosecute since police officers may be protected by district attorneys and other members of the judiciary. Tourists visiting Mexico face a number of problems related to criminal activity, including:

Extortion by law enforcement and other officials.
Kidnappings, particularly in northern border cities, Mexico City, and Chiapas.
Taxi robberies and armed robbery.
Purse-snatching and pickpocketing.

In summation, I think I would have to have an extremely compelling reason to travel to Mexico, and not just for health reasons.

Mark from Winnipeg
That's quite a big number. Like the S.A.R.S. in Toronto but worse. In a previous news article, they say a vaccine will take months to develop. Which I'm concern. Travel agencys should ban travel to and out of Mexico, but NOOO they do this in the last minute when it's already spreaded across the globe

I agree that travelling to mexico and people travelling from mexico should be banned right now. For those who are there on vacation right now need to come back here and be quarantined until we know they are safe. It may not seem like that many people have it enough to do this but you never know what can happen, it could turn out very bad, so lets put a stop to it before it does get out of hand.

Can't Fool Mother Nature
Let's face it, we, the human race are responsible for all the ills in this world. Mother nature however has the last word. I beleive when there are these infectious diseases and starvation, earthquakes flooding etc, it is Mother Natures way of CLEANSING. We really do not have any say in what happens. Wake up people. When your number comes up or you are next in line, you are Gone. Finished, Kaput. Relax and just enjoy each day. It's really beyond your control. One day there will be a complete CLEANSING and just hope you are already Gone. Don't forget Mother Nature has the last word and she fixes what we mess up, but it usually is not a pretty picture by the time she's finished. We are just mortal souls killing time. Literally!

Why is Civil Code used in Mexico, Quebec, and many other jurisdictions more "archaic" than the Common law system in Ontario?

Innocent until proven guilty only applies to criminal law in Canada.

In a civil case, the burden is much less. In addition many new laws are written in a manner which effectively allows the presumption of guilt, or dispenses with a trial altogether.

The new seizure laws being promoted are ridiculous, they can seize "proceeds of a crime", even if they can't prove a crime took place!

I wish innocent until proven guilty applied universally to our own legal system.


"For those who are there on vacation right now need to come back here and be quarantined until we know they are safe."

Considering people are freaking out and thinking it's the end of the world, why would you allow infected Candians or Mexicans for that matter fly home on a plane only to infect other people on the flying tube?

Based on my understanding with the reaction of some Canadians, I say shut down NAFTA and arm the borders with turrets and shoot and ask questions later. NOT!

Louise Ontario
About Time...We had been trying to Change our Mexcio Holiday only to be Told WE had to wait till the Government Posted an Advisary..we leave in 10 days , and have been able to change it today, now going to jamaica, BUT they have brought Up all their Prices knowing Lots of ppl, will now have to change their mexico trip, to go elsewhere..Just Glad the Government is taking all Precautions...


You have made a good point. Do you know if the health authorities have released the ages of those who died from the Swine Flu? That might tell us a little more. I have only seen the ages of those most likely to catch the Flu, which is 25-45yrs.

It seems like many people are quick to blame the government for not acting quick enough...but they don't want to cause wide spread panic. Remember that while people have died from this flu...who were they? Elderly, small children etc.? And did they have adeqate medical care where they lived?

Even the "regular" flu causes deaths among those with compromised immune systems. My son has complex medical issues making him prone to infection but we can't start panicking every time some one coughs or we would drive ourselves mad.

I do agree though that people should avoid travel to Mexico for a while until it comes under control a bit.

To all you people that say this is hyped.
Get on a plane and go to Mexico,go to the epicenter,go without a mask,you will see more clear.

Stop wondering if your stocks are going to drop over this.
If you must, send the WHO an e-mail and tell them your story,tell them that YOU know way more about this than they do.
Let the media do their job.

Future Mayor of Toronto
Everyone should be responsible for your own actions.

Put this in perpective.
- 150 deaths caused by swine flu
- 25,849 died in rural area traffic accidents in 2002
- 36,000 Americans die from the normal flu each year

Those people who are just sitting waiting to catch the swine flu and die - enjoy the wait, it's going to be a LONG time.

Otherwise, go out and enjoy your life. You don't know when it will end and why waste even a single day?

I think this is a bit overhyped.

"While the virus is spreading, it is causing mostly mild illness, with the notable exception of Mexico."

It's causing mostly mild illness, and some fatalities, particularly in poorer less developed countries, ie Mexico.

Is this really something to get all worked up about?

I was booked to visit Mexico but sure want OUT. Please, government, change to "DO NOT travel to Mexico" so that maybe I can get a refund.

if the gov't wants to contain this virus; than shouldn't all travel coming & going from this country be banned. isolate the country & people there; especially the sick.

You know, I am laughing at our government saying that they are prepared for a pandemic, but the reality is...no one is prepared and that's a failure to all policies. They are going like, OMG...OMG...OMG what are we going to do. What Mexico should have done was to seal the border shut and if canadians were in the country, well to bad. However, what can be worse than a swine flu.....China didn't sealed their border for their avian flu. AIDS is a big virus too and no one as sealed their border for it either, cause we have rights. So, can you imagine if it was Ebola...

Ever since 9/11, I now take my vacations in Canada... a little boring perhaps. NOT. This country has soooo much to offer and it is soooo different from region to region. I don't have to change any money or worry about language. I have never been sick, robbed, assaulted or mistaken for an American. Stay home Canadians.. stay home. You are safe here.

If anyone goes to Mexico after being advised not to
should not be allowed to come back to Canada until the swine flu is over and place into quarantine for 6 months to make sure they are not carring the deadly disease

Chris Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Anyone who complains about it being declared a pandemic should probably review the definition of the word. Technically Pandemics occur all the time.

A pandemic (from Greek παν pan all + δήμος demos people) is an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads through populations across a large region; for instance a continent, or even worldwide

I'd say this classifies

76 people have the flu no one has died in the rest of the world, relax, turn off the radio and tv, and go about your normal business, 4000 people in Canda die yearly from the flu, not one news story is ever played baout that, yet this one never stops, the media is to blame and its getting worse, wake up people stop being sheep, the end of the world is not coming and we will pass this in a week or 2 go on vacation but do like you should always do wash your hands, sneeze in your sleve, our health care system can not afford every person who thinks they have this flu and trust me alot will be showing up at the emerg department who have never seen Mexico, relax, 6 cases out of 32 million is not bad

Tara in Alberta
I just returned from Mexico on Saturday evening. During our entire stay and trip home (including the airport) we were completely unaware of the outbreak. It would have been nice to know that we were at risk of catching this virus and of any extra precautions we should have been taking.

nelly alberta
What people need to understand is this: we don't know enough about whats going to happen in the next few days/weeks. My guess is (and its already starting here in AB)--we are going to see a WHOLE bunch of new cases over the next few days-its going to spread like wildfire now. It likely started with travel from Mexico-but now all those people who were incubating disease (you don't need clinical signs to spread this thing) who went grocery shopping, etc after arriving back in canada have now spread it everywhere. Now we are waiting out the incubation period. True: no one has died yet outside of mexico--but I would guess we need to wait a bit more before that starts happening. I'm nervous, because my 2 year old son has lung issues already. I think the worry is, that we are only at the very early stages of this outbreak. STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK! Get someone else to do your grocery shopping. Unfortunately humans are usually selfish-and will likely go out sick to work/shop/hockey games regardless.

Canuck in Mex
I am sitting here by the ocean in Mazatlan, Mexico laughing at the ridiculous comments I am reading.
I love it here, have been coming for years and will continue to do so for many more.
To all you ill-informed fellow Canadians who berate Mexico, please stay home , we don't want you here any more than we want loud , boisterous Americans.
We and the Mexicans are just fine, thank you.
I hope they ban me from traveling home to Canada...then I can stay longer here.
Hasta la Vista

Phil in Calgary
OK enough is enough, all of you "Chicken Littles". Stay at home and hide in the basement. As Obama put it, this is a time for concern, not panic.

Mexico will see a far worse mortatity rate due to a) a huge population that can be affected (Mexico city is 9 million people, 1/4 of Canada's population), b) less general immunity to flu like illnesses and c) a poorer healthcase system.

Kevin in Alberta
I'm going to Mexico! Vacation should be real cheap now. No worries. Montezuma's Revenge will kill me before the Swine Flu does.

For all those of you wanting to turn this into a political issue, can you not take some responsibility for yourselves, or do you have to wait for Government intervention. If the Gov't had issued a ban earlier, the same people would be saying "don't tell me what to do, or where to travel". Unbelievable how so many only want to place blame. Try looking after yourselves for a change, you might actually get to like it!!!!

While I do belive that the swine flu is a serious matter, I also think a little common sense should prevail.

I love all the people here that quote things like 'Well last year blah blah blah killed x thousands of people, ban that instead' People this is a virus, with in 10 days has killed roughly 10% of those infected. Sure us in North America, with our drugs and health care are safe! Now for once think of other countries 80% of Africa gets infected @10% Mortality rate with a population of 922 Million =78 Million dead in perhaps less then 90 days. Give your heads a shake. Lets apply traffic incidents caused by idoitic poeople to virology and mortality rates, anyone that has used this comparison here realy needs to have there head checked. Its funny, do you think virus's care what country your from?

wants more answers
Am I the only one who wants to know where the travellers were that contracted the virus while in Mexico? Mexico is a big country, the mention of an area or even a city would be appreciated.

With the advisory now issued, most travellers will be able to get a refund thru insurance and will cancel their trip or change the destination. The minority that will decide to continue with their travel plans will be so minimal, the airline/tour operator will probably cancel the service into Mexico for a short time because of lack of bookings. Only a handfull of people on a flight is not profitable for them to continue with the service. How long they will cancel it, that only time will tell.

su papa in Mexico
Unfortunately you've got reason, the deaths registered in Mexico happened because we got a very deficient healthcare system, when you go to a public hospital the doctors give you only aspirins.

why are people so cheap to visit mexico? lol wow...

I love Life and All that it Offers
People need to remember that there is risks to everything we do and where we vacation. If we all practise good personal hygiene you will stand a better chance of not catching the flu...here or in Mexico. To those of you bash Mexico and other countries...stay home in your safe/dull worlds..the rest of us will enjoy the beauty, the cultures and the people around the globe. Remember life is for living and experiencing all that you can.

su papa in Mexico
por phil in Calgary:

Mexico's City conurbated area has 22 million pop.

Calgary Guy
Just give us the flu, and let it be over with.

Kevin in Alberta
Why won't they say where in Alberta the second case in the North was??? Freaking Alberta government, and the Farmer who is running it...

Take a chill pill and call me in the morning!
And so the panic begins...

Life is so much more exciting and interesting when Armageddon is upon us isn't it?

The media makes money with ratings and advertisements by continually giving updates every time another mild case is reported among the 6.3 billion people on this planet, the politicians can spin the situation for their own needs by blaming the other parties for their lack of action or their misguided policies, and the people have an opportunity to complain about everything and blame Mexico, politicians, pigs, global warming, the Habs getting swept in Round 1, PB&J sandwiches, and then secretly hope the predictions of doom come true and kill millions so they can turn around and say "I told you so. I was right. I wrote it on the CTV board. Wanna see?"

And when this blows over like SARS did, everyone will eagerly await the next reports of imminent global doom so we can start this little exercise again.

...and life will go on.

Tara Craig
As the general public seems to be dealing with situation on our own, we should be informed as to what part of Mexico Canadians with Swine Flu visited.

"People this is a virus, with in 10 days has killed roughly 10% of those infected."

Ummm...it did NOT kill 10% of the people. This is what makes me so angry with how the media is handling this. 99% of the people who caught the virus did not report to hospital. They stayed home as though it were an ordinary flu. My wife is in Mexico City right at this moment and recovered from a flu which may very well have been the virus we are talking about. 99% of the people just blew it off and others may not even have known they had the virus since the symptoms were so mild. So, maybe that is why you and others are freaking out...you are not comprehending correctly the message: THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! AND NO: 20% do NOT DIE from it! And to date, only 20 people are confirmed to have died from that strain. We are FAR FAR from the 36,000 deaths the USA reports every year. Your figures are based on erroneous comprehension of the CDC and WHO report. Go back and read carefully rather than spreading misinformation.

Weasel Flu
Nobody seems to be explaining why the deaths are only ocurring in Mexico. With the cruddy water, you'd think their immunity would be superior to ours.

Nancy K.
Let's just hope that each and every migrant farm worker from Mexico coming into Canada for the growing season is tested. Our government should have the sense to do that.

I have to say that I am dissapointed in the Public Health Agency of Canada`s website. The last update was April 26th at 1045am. The information is not current and there is much lag tim before information is released. People want to be more informed. I am finding the I am more apt to check the CDC in the states for the most current information. They are even updating world cases. Considereing Canada is leading in detection and testing of cases, I had higher expectaions of their reporting of information.

We'll find out soon enough if this is an exaggerated situation. However, I can't believe people are not staying home from work or school when they are told, this sounds like people in Toronto who refused isolation during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Years ago when you were quarantined in your home no one left or entered until the situation was under control. People nowadays refuse to cooperate fully when there is a health situation. I certainly don't want them in my office, we will send them right back home. Other than that, the "usual" flu kills more people every year and we don't have this media frenzy over it, not to mention cigarettes and alcohol killing millions worldwide, geez.

david, woodbridge
According the the WHO, regular old influenza kills up to 500,000 people a year, every year. What exactly is the big deal here?

Nathalie (Winnipeg)
What i was wondering is it safe to take the public transit at this time in Winnipeg, since we have no case in Winnipeg yet! We never know who sat beside us but i am kind of confuse now.. so what do you think!!!!

Thank you!

I would like to add that when I am in a washroom and do not hear the taps running or the papertowel rack being used for others to wash their hands, I do have a problem with that.

This is what I experienced last week as we were travelling to see family, while stopping off for a washroom break.

We seem to be more reliant on and expecting the Government to make it safer for us, but what about our own cleanliness and being responsible, is that not our first priority and moral
obligation we need to think of first.

Please think of the germs you pass on to others, illnesses can be prevented if you wash hands when leaving the washrooms.

Ralph, Bracebridge, ON
We may all very well be over-reacting given the absence of deaths in Canada and the US, but the flu of 1918 came in three waves that year. The first was largely "normal" in terms of symtoms/death rates although highly contagious, but the second and third waves caused high mortaly rates (2.5% of population worldwide). Hopefully, the WHO will act on developing a vaccine ASAP just in case, because it will take time.

People PEOPLE it's a flu virus, we are surrounded by many of them all the time. That's what your immune system is for. Negative thinking and stressing yourselves out will make your immune system not as effective..eat properly, take care of yourself, and your immune system will take care of the viruses. You get to live once, enjoy and stop being so paranoid.

Steve in Ottawa
Dear 'Can't Fool Mother Nature'

Seek professional help immediately.

It's a conspiracy, Scully. The government is trying to speed up FDA trials of a pharmaceutical company's drug. The truth is out there.

david, woodbridge
To the "Matt" who was quoting a 10% mortality rate, 149 deaths out of roughly 2000 infected is a mortality rate of less than 1%, so you need to give your head a shake and learn some arithmetic

First this is a bit different then your avg flu. 2nd no some people have other medical problems do not have a strong immune system. So yes it is a great risk to those.

The media should really stop hyperventilating and put things in perspective.
As the general public has become desensitized to car alarms going off frequently, do you media outlets not think that people will become desensitized to such unnecessary alarms?

B. Kelley, Ontario
Another case of the media promoting a news story instead of simply reporting it. How many people contract influenza in Canada every year? A lot more than 13 and, unfortunately, some people do die as a result. The word "pandemic" scares many people but it only refers to how wide a geographical area an outbreak affects, not how serious the disease is. The fact is that we experience a pandemic of the common cold every winter. Its time for some balance in the media.

I think this was in Canada weeks ago! Both my husband and self both have had the woare flu ever and did not go to Mexico.
We still get the aches and pains etc

If you go to Mexico, don't come back!
If you now travel to Mexico, stay there! Don't get sick and come home to spread it to the rest of us.

ken from Calgary
Report from Mexico's news agency.

"Swine flu being overblown!!" from Mexican president Felipe Calderon.
The swine flu is 99th on the list of things that can kill you in Mexico!!
98 is a pinata accident. Number 1 on the list is the dreaded bullet flu which seems to be very deadly. It is an airborn virus that kills instantly.
Wearing a mask does not help with this virus.

Concerned Canadian
I know that many of you continue to claim that there's nothing to worry about. Here's the problem that WHO hasn't yet raised in public consciousness, but about which they are really worried. So far the media haven't picked up on this, as far as I know.

One of the dangers posed by this particular flu is that it's related to the Avian flu, which has a much higher mortality rate. It's composed of human, Avian and Swine varieties of the flu. So it can exchange genetic information with any of the other types.

Now here's the problem. If these two viruses (Swine and Avian)come together in one host (doesn't have to be a person) then they can swap genetic information.

Now the Avian flu can't be spread from person to person. But this one can. If they swap out those parts of their genetic codes that allow Swine flu to spread, and Avian flu to kill at a higher rate, then we will get Avian flu that spreads from person to person.

And as the Swine flu spreads around the world, that nightmare scenario is becoming more and more probable.

That truly would be a pandemic to worry about. And here's a real kicker:

The 1918 flu that killed 50,000,000 people was an Avian flu. And it was H1N1. And what is this most recent Swine flu? H1N1.

But don't panic yet. After all, only 149 people have died.

I only have one question. What is going on here? I have visited 7 different major news networks and they are all giving different numbers and statistics on this swine flu. I have to question the integrity and wonder what the real reason for this media caused panic is and what deeper purpose does it serve in the political arena of north and central america.

If you are sick, stay home.Get better. If not for yourself then, have consideration for your coworkers.

Dale - Edmonton
Yet again, the cases are announced as being MILD. This is getting way too suspicious now, I don't know what killed those folks in Mexico and I feel sorry for their families but how could anyone think this "swine flu" did it? Think about what has happened...the flu spreads worldwide, EVERY SINGLE case apart from those in Mexico has been described as mild and over with quickly.

We have two options, either Mexicans are fundamentally different somehow from the rest of humanity (they ain't) or this swine flu isn't responsible for the deaths of those poor people. Its not time to panic, when it is, you'll see me running around in circles, flailing my arms wildly. That will be your signal.

I so agree with you on the migrant workers coming in and the farmers worrying about not having enough help. Essex County farmers rely heavily on migrant workers from Mexico to come and do the "dirty" work. There are so many in the County that are laid off because of the troubles in the auto sector that could go out and get their hands dirty and stay off EI - yes it doesn't have the benefits of the job they lost or even the wage but at least they are filling the jobs that need to be filled in these difficult times. Many years ago I did some of those jobs for summer work as a student - it's not easy but you know at the end of the day you have earned your day's pay.

I just got back from Mexico, so it would be nice if the storey could include some facts, such as: What is the incubation period and what part of Mexico where people arriving from.

Well, I can tell you right now, that there are more than 13 cases in Canada. There are people out there who might not know they have it yet, or might just be getting it checked out. I would probably say that in a weeks time, if not (and probably) less, there will be numberous cases in each province. Viruses spread very quickly.

Ryan from thorsby
Mexico is a crappy place to be..... and you say Canada is the same.... look at the differences.

---------------- QUOTE:

Your comment about mexicans living in filth is very derogatory and in large part ignorant. Mexico is like many other countries, including our very own Canada, and has its bad areas, and in large urban centers like Mexico City I am sure there are squalid living conditions.

If you want to see people living in flith, all you have to do is check out downtown Toronto...under the Gardner expressway...you don't even have to go all the way to another country you know nothing about!

People, please stop bashing Mexico. I agree with the travel ban until more is known, but this is not the "fault" of Mexico, anymore than sars was the "fault" of Canada.

The short memeories of some people amaze me.

Migrant workers,

There are a few problems with unemployed Canadians taking the farm jobs.

1. Picking often pays less than minimum wage.
2. If you're on EI, you'll make LESS working than not working.
3. It's damn hard work.

What needs to happen for Canadians to take this job is some sort of incentive for this "marginal" employment.
Our social programs need to be adjusted so that when presented with the option to work, it is generally financially better to work than not work.

I know it would be expensive, but maybe when someone earns a wage they should only get their EI/Welfare rolled back by 50% of what they earn.

I think anyone travelling back from Mexico should be in quarantine, after all we are not the ones who had gone on the trip, so why should we have to suffer for their consequences. Sorry it sounds rude, but think about the rest of the people doing all we can to avoid this flu.

A Koster - BC
All the hype isn't necessarily about what this flu has done.. rather, it's about the possibilities of what it can do. First of all, this is a never seen before strain and hence no vaccine. Though they call it swine flu, it has swine, avian, and human genetic composition. Swine flu previously could only be contracted from proximity to pigs.. this flu passes easily from human to human. Lastly, the ages of the people confirmed dead in Mexico ranged from 22 - 45.. run of the mill flus hit the very young and the very old. As Ralph,Bracebride,ON has reminded us, the 1918 flu came in 3 waves with the first wave being relatively mild.
At the same time, you can bet that WHO has more information than what they have released to the media. Don't panic but don't be fools. Prepare yourselves for the worst.. wash your hands and cover your mouths.. right now I think it's more about not spreading it even more. And it's always a good idea to have a kit ready for ANY emergency that might happen.. getprepared.ca to start you off.

Bob McDermott
I can't believe people would be so stupid to go to Mexico now that we all know about it.

I mean we all know that those third world countries don't come even close to us in terms of health standards, and I'm not even talking about the HUGE drug problem they have down there...

And oh yes,,, what about the violence that is rampant in that country on almost a daily basis?

Really... You'd give me a million bucks to go there and I wouldn't take it... my life means to much to me, swine flu or otherwise...

DON'T shot the messager!

With regards to your trip and not being able to cancel and get your money back..I have to say..DON'T BLAME YOUR TRAVEL AGENT!!!
The tour operators (Air Canada Vacations etc) are the ones that are in "control" of that not your agent!
Air Transat, Nolitours, and Sunquest have cancelled their Mexico programs for the time being and are offering rebooking for different dates, or different destinations. At least they are working with their clients.

Blaine Oshawa Ontario
Wake up people! I am calmly paying attention to this situation and its new developments, like all Canadians should. Some of the comments on here tho are down right stupid. Educate yourselves people, I can't belive some even are not embarrased to post their names besides such idiocy, like Earle, more people die in the United States at cross walks than from this flu so whats the big deal. While Earle cross walks don't mutate you fool, a second wave of this flu which would occur in 3- 6 months could have the potential to kill millions. I am not saying the sky is falling but really from most comments on here you can tell many have not researched their facts very well, and being ignorant is whats going to allow this flu to get out of control. Stop waiting on the government to tell you what to do, educate your self, take percauntions, and remain viligant. Knowledge is the best defense.

My advice for everyone is to panic and rush to your nearest emergency room at the first sign of a sniffle, thus creating more congestion in already-crowded hospitals. Wow, it's fascinating watching the media-driven hysteria on this.

K in Ontario
Why are Canadians being blamed? Did it not start in Mexico? As for travel, use your judgment; couldn't pay me to go at any time.

Spiros, Vancouver
Every day in Africa approximately 2200 children under the age of 5 die from a disease called malaria. That works out to over 800,000 dead children every year.
Why isn’t this breaking news? Why isn’t this in the front page of all newspapers? I think maybe we should take a chill pill on this swine flu thing.

Prof. Pye Chartt
@ “Concerned” Canadian:

“If these two viruses (Swine and Avian)come together in one host (doesn't have to be a person) then they can swap genetic information.

If they swap out those parts of their genetic codes that allow Swine flu to spread, and Avian flu to kill at a higher rate, then we will get Avian flu that spreads from person to person.

Brilliant. Pompous fear-mongering at its best!

I’ll do you one better. How ‘bout this…

What if Lou Ferrigno (“The Incredible Hulk”) was vacationing in Mexico City, contracted the H1N1 swine flu strain and, then, upon returning to Hollywood, inadvertently caused the infection of a mild-mannered scriptwriter?

Keep following me on this…

Then, what if the virus mutated within that mild-mannered scriptwriter and morphed into a disease that caused people to turn green, swell up in a muscle-bound rage, and seek revenge upon those who’ve harmed the innocent of this planet?

Can you imagine?!

Lord; I just scared myself even more!

Since it has been declared a world wide health emergency, I will pass along the cure all or "sovereign specific" for this and illness. Bed rest, Chicken soup and Sprite. If that doesn't do it add the military strength cure of Cepacol and Desenex. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from the flu, mostly the elderly, the infirm or small children. Most of whom are compromised by other conditions. It's life, deal with it. Stop worrying about every little thing. Jeez.

Concerned Canadian
"professor" Pye Chart (pompous...mmm coming from you, "professor" that's a hoot (LOL))

I take it by your post that you believe that

1. Viruses can't exchange genetic information or

2. Avian flu isn't a killer

3 a disease that spreads from person to person and is a killer isn't a problem.

Because if you accept these three propositions, then my post is merely a rational warning against a possible problem, not a "pompous" bit of fear mongering.
Think about it.

Or are you so upset over your drubbing the other day that you're carrying a grudge? Sure sounds like it...

I do not trust the Government or WHO to protect me from "Swine Flu" The government again choose to minimize the impact that is expected to occur..Someone somewhere knew this is a bleak situation with little chance of containing this virus. I was a nurse during SARS and I will never forget the blase attitude many people displayed during that time. There is a great book written by 2 Canadian Drs who worked during SARS..It's called" The Flu Pandemic and You" by Vincent Lam M.D and Colin Lee M.D. It is informative and calming. It was also written at a time when there was no hidden motives..I can't say the information provided now is intended to protect me....The implications of this flu have now become global.

Hating the Swine
My fiance and I are supposed to be honeymooning in Mexico in June. Oh please please be over by then. We saved up for over a year to pay for this trip and declined the insanely expensive cancellation insurance.

Larry I Ontario
Mexico is unable to protect us from the gang wars or our health. Shirley there are other warm spots of the world that we don't need to run to Mexico. It is not a good place to vacation any more.

Rick in NB
Oh Pye. You lost it on Sunday. Now you are showing your true colours. Concerned Canadian must be getting under your skin. It's easy to see why you hate Ignatieff. He is a real intellectual.

Hi All-
The Swine Flue eh?

Who has died from this flu? Children, the elderly, people who are at risks for all illnesses, or is it the general population?

When SARS hit, less people dies from SARS then the regular flu that hits every year in November, but the public and MEDIA blow it out of proportion because it makes a great story.

It's good to notify the public about the risks, but there are risks in everything we do, I wouldn't be canceling any plans to vacation in Mexico if I had a Holiday booked.

Party on, I say- Just use some common sense to mitigate the risks, like looking both ways before you cross the street.

If I'm wrong, the world is over populated anyway!

Stay healthy folks

I agree with "Blaine Oshawa Ontario", the big key here is education, vigilance, and some common sense (such as hand washing, having the common courtesy to cover your cough, sneeze, etc.) This will be going on for weeks upon weeks, so we will just have to use our smarts to deal with it.

I get the feeling no one here is actually reading what is stated in the article:

>>>> "..it may have a death rate that's similar to seasonal influenza."<<<<

I think we've been lucky with this outbreak so far. Rapid and far ranging spread, but very mild. Thankfully. Unfortunately not so mild at the source. It has taken it's toll in Mexico. Just like SARS did in Toronto. I really don't think there is much any government can do to stop outbreaks like this. Globalization is to blame. Easy transportation. Lots of people on the move. You can't quarantine people from other countries just in case.. One day there will be an outbreak that will make SARS look like a bad cold. Just hope it doesn't come near you or anyone you love.

Like I said, so far we've been lucky with this one.


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