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on March 29th, 2008Important Announcement

People behind WordPress are announcing their latest release, WordPress 2.5 [Brecker] available for immediate consumption.

I am announcing the launch of my website WordPress Rocks!, which will act as a single blog where I write about my WordPress Themes.


on March 14th, 2008My Theme Club is coming…

Just wanted to let you guys know, a theme club from me, is going to be a reality and will be launched within a month.
Please stay tuned for more updates on this.

Thanks for your continued support.

on March 13th, is up for sale!

SP (Small Potato), in my opinion, is one of the very few WordPress Theme authors who has created good looking themes for WordPress, adhering to the web standards, through his popular website
He has also taken the time to write some good tutorials and tips.

He is not just popular because of his work. He is famous for his honest opinions. He has been very upfront with his opinions, whoever the other person might be.

He has decided to sell his website and move on to something else. I wish him all the success and happiness in whatever he chooses to do.

If you have enough money, you should go ahead and make your bid right now.

on March 10th, 2008How long it takes to write a post !???

The people at are supposed to release their new version of WordPress, version 2.5 today.

And all loyal fanboys are waiting to see it being announced but there is no word from them yet. Even people from WeblogToolsCollection did not know that it is not coming out today.

I think they are still no ready to release this version, but how long it takes to write a single line post telling the loyal people that it is not going to be released today.
It is a highly irresponsible behavior, I would say.
Update : It seems March 10th was a tentative date and is not written in stone. Anyway I will stop waiting for any release hereafter.

What are your thoughts?

on February 26th, 2008Theme Club : Your ideas welcome !

I am planning to launch a theme club, where people will be able to become a member for an annual fee and download the themes that I release for the club.

I would like to get your views on this, before I go further.

How much I should charge as a membership fee for an year? How do you like the licensing terms for those club themes? Should it still require a link back from the footer?

I am planning to give one new theme every month for the club members.

Please pour in your 2 cents.

on February 11th, 2008Coming up Next

Blissful theme is available now at “WordPress Theme Shop”

Coming soon to a shop near you !

Click on the image to see a bigger size screenshot image a live preview !.


Details to follow !

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