Interview James “Maggie” Megellas about Operation Market Garden 1944

Interview with LTC James “Maggie” Megellas, World War II veteran of the 82nd airborne division. This interview took place during the press event of the game Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway at the Wings of Liberation museum in the Netherlands.

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  1. Karen Skiles Says:

    Recently, I started researching the 82nd Airborne of World War II for my Uncle that fought in the Battle Of The Bulge. I had no idea what batallion or company he was in. My Dad and Aunt didn’t know. I bought the book “I’m the 82nd Airborne Division” and let my dad look at the pictures and he found his brother Charles W. Foster from Chattanooga, Tennessee in the 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion Company C. I’ve read that the 307th,504th PIR,and the 376th PFAB became the 504th Regimental Combat Team. Is this the Regiment that you were in? Your interview let me know some of the things that the men faced.
    I never knew my uncle he was killed at the age of 26 from injury in a car accident. The only info I have is what my Dad can remember. He was a paratrooper and was dropped behind enemy lines. He crossed the Rhine River and their boat sank. He had to swim out and break ice from himself when he reached shore. Thank you for the interview

  2. Tom Laney Says:

    This is just a terrific interview! Thank you Maggie!!!

    And, Karen, we have a younger Paratrooper from the 307th in our 82nd Assoc. Chapter here in Wisconsin. I’ll see him Saturday and ask him to look at your reply and maybe he can help with some of the 307th history.

    I have passed Maggie’s interview along to my email lists in his honor and in honor of all the troops, for Veterans’ Day.

    God bless the Airborne!


    Tom Laney, Editor
    Badger Airborne News
    82nd Airborne Division Assoc.
    Colfax, WI

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