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In the past five years, half-Mexican rapper Ronnie "Baby Bash" Bryant scored a Top Twenty album and a Top Ten hit ("Suga Suga"), all the while building a devoted Latin audience. With Cyclone, he is poised to go platinum, but his methods are pretty conventional. Cyclone is long on bland, smooth rhymes and rote synth beats. Even when Lil Jon drops by for the title track, it's nothing more than a generic poppy rap, rarely more than the sort of R&B-style; bounce you can hear a hundred times a day on commercial rap radio. And though Bryant has a nimble flow, he doesn't have much to say, and his rhymes are less than impressive -- especially when he's detailing his sexual prowess, as on "Just Like That": "She wanna add me to her life like a MySpace friend/'Cause I kill it from the back and keep her body shaking." Whatever, dude.


(Posted: Nov 1, 2007)


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