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RIRO type expressway - This is a divided highway that isn't truly limited access.  To picture what a riro is I think it is best to imagaine a typical undivided 4-lane road to start.  To RIROize this road, a centre median would be installed between the two opposing directions of traffic, therefore only allowing Right-turns-In, and Right-turns-Out.  Houses and businesses are allowed to leave their roadside exits, unfortunatly this causes major operational concerns on a busy highway, considering RIRO highways in Ontario have a posted speed of 90km/h (and an actual speed much typically much higher).  Every few kilometres or so a bridge is installed to facilitate traffic needing to cross the highway; these bridges also act as 'turn around points' allowing traffic to reach a destination that is only accessible from the opposing direction of flow.  At proper intersections a small traffic island is installed to direct traffic in this Right-on, Right off Fashion.


Looking North from Lovkin Road overpass at the centreline of Highway 35/115

Focusing on the NB RIRO at Lovkin Road

Note that usually a RIRO would have its own dedicated accel/decel lanes but Lovkin Road (which is the first NB RIRO on 35/115 in between Highway 401 and Highway 2) is dwarfed by both the Highway 2 and Highway 401 interchanges, and this RIRO has certainly outlived its usefulness.

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