NBA.com supports a diverse range of online advertising media types and considers itself a leader of the pack in online sports advertising. The media we support have proven to be effective means of reaching your key audience in an ever-changing digital landscape.

To allow for proper approval and testing, NBA.com requests that all creative is submitted 5 business days before extended campaign launch.
  • All advertising creative that uses NBA player image/reference must be accompanied by documentation that provides proof of authorization.
  • NBA.com reserves the right to remove any ad creative that is considered distracting or affects the down load of a page.
  • A click thru URL must be provided for all units.
Third Party Ad Tags & Vendors:
Accepted third party vendors:

Atlas Point Roll Eyeblaster
Eyewonder Unicast Media Plex
Clearspring 24/7 Real Media

For a complete list of approved vendors please contact your sales representative.

Flash Ad Requirements:
  • Versions up through Flash 8
  • Click Tracking: The author of the Flash source file (.FLA) has to assign a clickTag variable using a getURL button action. Make sure that they have selected "_blank" for a target so it opens in a new window.
  • Acceptable button action code:


  • Backup gifs are required for all .swf files.
  • Audio Policy: No host-initiated audio is permitted on NBA.com or team sites. Audio must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain a clearly visible "mute" and "stop" function.
  • Looping restrictions: 3 max, but the total combined animation cannot exceed 15 seconds. Final, resting frame must include advertising message.
  • Max Animation Loops: Total loops and animation may not exceed :15 (:30 for video). Audio looping is not permitted.
  • Max FPS: 18
  • Sound: User initiated with click and must have a with visible mute button.
  • In-banner video:Ads must be user initiated by click and contain visible stop/play and pause mute functionality. All in-banner video ads will be served through our rich media units as .swf's and must comply with the file size restrictions.
  • Expandable units:Ads must be user initiated by click and contain visible closebutton functionality. All expandable ads will be served through our rich media units as .swf's and must comply with the file size restrictions.
  • Skyscraper Expandable: Skyscraper units are located on both the right and left sides of an NBA web page depending on the section. Please provide left and right expandable tags.
Aspect Ratios:
  • 16:9 & 4:3 (16:9 to fit 4:3)
Size: Full screen of video player
  • Creative size: 576x324
  • Acceptable length: 15 and 30 seconds
  • All files must contain a soundtrack, even if the ad is to run without sound.
  • Any letterboxing is the responsibility of the advertiser.
Tape-Based Media: (4:3 only) Any standard-definition format Betacam
  • SP
  • SX
  • Digital Betacam
File-Based Media: (16:9 & 4:3) Delivered on CD-R or DVD-R
  • Uncompressed QuickTime
  • MPEG-2 Program or Transport Stream file
  • DV file
  • MXF
Beta Tape Format:
Please send all tapes to:
Krystal Cain
1060 Techwood Dr., NW
Atlanta, GA30318-5604

The NBA.com Pushdown is a Premium Rich Media Ad format which enables advertisers to deliver their message on the NBA.com homepage. During the first impression, users will receive a frequency capped, auto-expanding pushdown that expands to 918x140 while politely pushing all page elements downward. The Ad will remain open until user manually clicks the close button. If the user opts to close the pushdown, the ad seamlessly retracts and resolves into a 300x50 placement while pushing all page elements back to their original position. The PushDown functionality can be replayed by the end-user and is clickable throughout the duration of the Ad. For all subsequent views, a user-initiated pushdown ad will be delivered.

Creative Asset Specifications:
Agencies must provide all of the following design assets used to develop the advertisements:
  • Pushdown Flash (300x50 expanding to 918x140)
  • ALT Image
  • Fonts
  • PC fonts should be sent as a separate .ZIP file
  • MAC fonts should be sent as a separate .SIT file
  • All Tracking information
  • Click through, Event tracking, 3rd Party Impression / Clicks, Research Study Code, etc.
Each of the design assets listed above must adhere to the following detailed specifications:

Pushdown Flash
  • Dimension: 300x50 expanding to 918x140
  • Format: Source FLA, Exported SWF (Flash 8, Action Script 2.0 enabled)
  • File size: 100k
  • Note: The same FLA file is used for the Auto Expand and User Expand Ads.
  • Expand Button: Must contain a clearly defined Expand hotspot which is triggered upon user click.
  • Close Button: Must contain a clearly defined close button in the bottom right hand.
  • Pushdown: Once the pushdown is expanded, it will remain open until the user manually clicks the close button.
  • Frequency Cap: The auto-initiated and user-initiated ads leverage the same expandable design asset. Once the frequency cap is in effect, the ad will display the animation which resides on the proper frame label.
  • Frame Labels:
The main timeline should contain the 4 frame labels below to control the behavior:

  • This frame label will be displayed while the ad is loading.
  • This frame label will be displayed when the ad resolves into the 300x50 collapsed ad.
  • The Expand Button hotspot should be present so users can expand the ad.
  • This frame label will be displayed while the ad is pushing down.
  • This frame label will be displayed when the ad expands to 918x140
  • The Close Button hotspot should be present so users can expand the ad
Alternate Image
  • Dimension: 300x50
  • Format: .JPG or .GIF
  • File size: 50k
Tracking Information
  • Click-Through URL(s)
  • 3rd-Party Tracking tags (optional)
  • 3rd Party Impression
  • 3rd Party Click tracking
  • 3rd Party Research Tags
  • Submission: All ad sizes must be submitted for effective rotation.
  • Landing Page: Click url is required for all banners
  • Text tagline (optional): Text taglines can be used with any banner. All banners use text and accented characters.
The maximum number of characters for each banner is as follows:
  • Extra large - 24 characters
  • Large - 18 characters
  • Medium - 12 characters
  • Small - 10 characters
NBA.com has an opportunity to run advertising on third-party emerging media. Due to the frequently changing landscape of emerging media, we will treat all RFPs relating to emerging media on partner sites on a case-by-case basis.

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