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Stephen J. Friedman
phen J. Friedman (1937-1996)

Stephen J. Friedman founded Kings Road Entertainment in 1984 as a publicly traded company. Since then the company has become well established in the Hollywood film and television community and produced over 25 quality films.

Mr. Friedman was born in Brooklyn NY in 1937. After attending Wharton School of Business and Harvard Law School Mr. Friedman began his career as a lawyer working for the Federal Trade Commission. Shortly thereafter he went to work for legal department at Columbia Pictures and never looked back.

After several other jobs as a lawyer in Hollywood, he soon became frustrated by the lack of creativity in his chosen profession. Using his own money, Mr. Friedman acquired the rights to a novel by a little known author named Larry McMurtry and in 1971 he produced THE LAST PICTURE SHOW with both critical and commercial success. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Immediately after THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, Mr. Friedman started his own company, Kings Road Productions, and quickly became one of Hollywood's most successful film producers in the 1970�s. His credits included SLAPSHOT, LITTLE DARLINGS and THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE.

Contrary to what many believed, Kings Road was not named after the famous street in London. Rather it was named for the small street in West Hollywood, California where Mr. Friedman lived at the time.

The success of Kings Road Productions led Mr. Friedman to become one of the first independent film producers to raise substantial production funding by founding a publicly traded company, and Kings Road Entertainment was born.

Throughout the 1980's and 1990's Mr. Friedman and Kings Road Entertainment produced a string of memorable and successful films, including ALL OF ME, THE BIG EASY, ENEMY MINE and KICKBOXER.

Mr. Friedman died of cancer on October 4th 1996 at the age of 59. His inspiration lives on...

(Biography of Stephen Friedman supplied by Ken Aguado, Standard Film Group and former Officer and Director of Kings Road Entertainment Inc. with our thanks.)

Kings Road Entertainment, Inc., incorporated in Delaware in 1980, has been engaged in the development, financing and production of motion pictures for subsequent distribution in theatres, network and syndicated television, Pay-TV, on home video, and in other ancillary media in the domestic and international market. The Company began active operations in January 1982 and released its first motion picture in 1984, "ALL OF ME", starring Steve Martin. Eighteen additional pictures have since been theatrically released in the US domestic market and eight pictures have been released directly to the domestic home video, or pay television market. The Company continues to develop motion picture film scripts for production and investigate remake potentials from its existing library.

Once fully financed, the Company attempts to produce its pictures at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality that it seeks to achieve. The Company avoids the substantial overhead of major studios by maintaining only a small permanent staff and by renting production facilities and engaging production staff only as required. Although the Company's past production experience allows it certain control over production costs, production costs of motion pictures, as an industry trend, have substantially escalated in recent years.

Production History
As of January 1st 2007, the Company has produced (or co-produced) twenty-six pictures, eighteen of which were theatrically released in the domestic market and eight of which were released directly to video or pay television in the domestic market, as follows:

Title Featuring Release Date

All of Me
Enemy Mine
The Best of Times
Touch & Go
Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
The Big Easy
In the Mood
The Night Before
My Best Friend is a Vampire
Time Flies When You're Alive
Homer & Eddie
Blood of Heroes
Kickboxer II
Kickboxer III
Brain Smasher... A Love Story
Kickboxer IV
The Stranger
The Redemption
The Haunted Heart

Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin
Peter O'Toole, M. Hemingway
Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr
Robin Williams, Kurt Russell
Michael Keaton, C. Alonso
Jon Cryer, Lynn Redgrave
Dennis Quaid, Ellen Barkin
Patrick Dempsey, B. D'Angelo
Burt Reynolds, Liza Minelli
Keanu Reeves, Lori Louglin
Robert Sean Leonard, C. Pollack
Robert DeNiro, Ed Harris
Paul Linke
Jean Claude Van Damme
Whoopi Goldberg, J. Belushi
Rutger Hauer, Joan Chen
Sasha Mitchell, Peter Boyle
Sasha Mitchell
Jeff Daniels, C. O'Hara
Kris Kristofferson, Kathy Long
Andrew Dice Clay, Teri Hatcher
Sasha Mitchell
Kathy Long
Mark Dacascos
Diane Ladd, Olympia Dukakis
Steven Seagal, Tom Sizemore


Additional Activities
Over the years, the company has embarked on a number of activities, which were not part of its original core business of film production. These included a direct mail catalog company and a Broadway theatrical production. These activities were discontinued some years ago and it is the company's strategy in future to concentrate on film development and production.

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