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Board of Directors and Advisors

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is Founder and President of Clarium Capital Management, a multi-billion dollar macro-fund based in SF and NYC. Before starting Clarium, Peter founded Paypal , an internet payment company, that was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in late 2002. In addition to making many successful investments (Facebook, IronPort, LinkedIn), Peter is also very active in the non-profit world. He received a BA in Philosophy from Stanford University and a JD from Stanford Law School.

Joe Lonsdale – Chairman

Joe co-founded and serves as Secretary of the Board at Palantir Technologies. Joe is also a Principal at Clarium Capital Management a multi-billion AUM global macro hedge fund based in SF and NYC, where he manages research and trading teams. Prior to joining Clarium, Joe worked with the financial arm of Paypal and served as a Special Correspondent to UPI’s Business and Technology desk in 2002. Joe received a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Alex Moore – Executive Director

Alex is the 1st employee and Director of Operations at Palantir Technologies, a successful 150-employee software startup company in downtown Palo Alto. Prior to joining Palantir, Alex helped setup World Ahead Publishing, a book publisher located in Southern California, where he helped publish multiple best-sellers and hosted CSPAN’s BookTV. Alex received a BA in Economics from Stanford University.

Tyson Hendricksen – President

Tyson founded COUPONGOOD.ORG, the world's most helpful bargain hunting community which benefits the working poor of Uganda. Prior to COUPONGOOD, Tyson was responsible for Product Vision and Strategic Partnerships at Affinity Circles, which powers the official online professional communities of 150 top-tier universities. Tyson received a BA in Economics from Stanford University in 2002.

Alexis Ohanian

Alexis co-founded reddit.com with Steve Huffman in 2005 after graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in History and BS in Business. Acquired by CondéNet in 2006, he spends his days as a product manager and his nights running breadpig, a company he started to further the agenda of a pig with breadwings. Alexis wants to help make the world suck less.

Vivek Sodera

Vivek is a co-founder of Rapleaf, an SF based startup that collects and analyzes social media data on hundreds of millions of people for business intelligence. He is responsible for all things business operations, recruiting, privacy, PR, and customer service, among other things. Prior to Rapleaf, Vivek served as a consultant for companies in the environmental services and defense industries. Vivek received a Double BS in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2006.

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