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Platinum Christians DC talk don't talk much on their new record. They once titled a video compilation Rap, Roch and Soul, but Supernatural is entirely rapless. It's also not quite as funny as DC Talk's 1995 album, Jesus Freah, on which the trio covered a Godspell oldie and chattered Faith No More-style about their best friend being born in a manger. But God is still on their side: Supernatural is a likably earnest pile of heavenly jazz percussion, pogoable Green Day-like drum rolls and Nirvana-esque power chords; nods to rock royalty from Queen to Prince to the late-Eighties theology-metal band King's X; and lyrics that, in the immortal tradition of Amy Grant, can be read as both sacred and secular. If the sweet Raspberries-style harmonies and tongue-in-cheek chiding of a fallen soul in "My Friend (So Long)" don't make these missionaries a few converts, then the rebel yelling at hymn's end should. (RS 797)


(Posted: Oct 15, 1998)


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