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Cave Hill Cemetery was established in 1848 on what was William
Johnston’s Cave Hill Farm just east of Louisville, KY. City officials
had purchased part of the land in hopes that the railroad would come
through there. When the railroad took a different route the land was
leased to local farmers. In early 1848, Mayor F. Kaye hired civil
engineer Edmond Francis Lee, who planned a cemetery with winding
paths, graves across the tops of hills, and lakes and ponds in the
valleys. The cemetery was dedicated in July, 1848. The original
Johnston farmhouse in to the city’s pesthouse and Beechhurst
Sanitarium was built near the pesthouse in 1872. In 1888 the grounds
were remapped to their modern size of nearly 300 acres. In the 1980’s
razor wire was added to the brick walls surrounding Cave Hill to keep
out after hours visitors. The first scenic overlook for the cemetery,
Twin Lakes Scenic Overlook opened in August 2008.

Cave Hill Cemetery is resting place of several famous people,
such as
Colonel Harland Sander (Founder of KFC)
Louis Rogers “Pete”  Browning (was a professional baseball player in
Louisville from 1882-1894)
Patty Smith Hill ( In 1893, she and her sister Mildred J. Hill, published
Song Stories for the Sunday School which contained the tune for one
three most frequently sung songs of all time: “Happy Birthday.” )
Just to name a few.
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Cave Hill Cemetery
Cave Hill Cemetery
Louisville, Ky