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Jean-Marie Comment by Jean-Marie 1 day ago
Hello Eric,
Taking a plane is allways a horror situation for me - I just hate it. When I went to the States last time ( for the job) I had no choice: it's just difficult to swim over.
But concerning the actual flew - or should I say the mediatisation of it - seems to me like a kind of putting people's mind away from other embarrassing ( political and financial ) problems... on french TV, on the daily news they talked almost ONLY about the swine flew. Just the day before the first of May. Now, knowing about the problems the working class people have at this very moment in France, and I think it is everywhere in the world like that at this very moment - I really ask myself some questions. Also, a doctor said that in fact, the flew is just an ordinary flew - not more or less dangerous than any flew. Sometimes I think it's better not to think too much - or at least- relativize things. Getting people scared is an easy and cheap way to manipulate them.
I don't know if this helps You, Eric, but on the other hand - You may take a plane and have no problem and go and have a beer just around the corner and catch a flew.
Hope to see You in Saarbrucken !!! I tell all my old chaps here in Luxembourg so You're just not allowed to catch a flew of any kind.
Cheers from Luxembourg,

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