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All-American Rejects Title New LP “When the World Comes Down”

9/3/08, 4:42 pm EST

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“If the world ended, I’d want to be listening to our record,” says a confident Tyson Ritter, the All-American Rejects frontman on the band’s follow-up to 2005’s double-platinum Move Along. AAR spoke exclusively to Rock Daily about their new record (entitled When the World Comes Down after its first single), Barack Obama, and the wackiest gig they’ve ever played from backstage at Nike’s Human Race on Sunday, where the band headlined a concert on New York’s Randall’s Island.

“You guys have the nicest asses ever,” Ritter yelled to the crowd before diving into a power-packed set that included “Swing, Swing,” an acoustic “It Ends Tonight” and a track off the new record called “Mona Lisa.” Afterward, swigging a beer on the band’s tour bus, Ritter said, “We just played the world’s biggest [one-day] race — that’s something I can use to pick up chicks!” After playing to a sea of athletes, the boys began to recount another wacky show they recently played: a million-dollar budgeted bar mitzvah, complete with Yankees players and a Cold Stone creamery. “The kid had a AAR cover band that opened for us. It was nuts!” guitarist Nick Wheeler says.

Reiterating what the band told Rock Daily in July, they said the new record has taken over three years to produce because “We don’t like to shit out a record,” Ritter said. “We craft our songs, not rush them.” Guitarist Mike Kennerty adds that AAR is cooking up a Website revamp to get fans amped for the release. “It’ll just say, ‘The World Comes Down 11/18.’ Our own viral thing.”

Ritter, who’s been extremely vocal about his Obama endorsement, didn’t hesitate to talk about the nominee — even showing pictures he snapped on his iPhone of a car that sported “Choose Life” and anti-Obama bumper stickers in his Destin, Florida hometown. “It’s so hate-filled,” Ritter said of the stickers. “In reality, Obama is making us stoked about the upcoming election.”

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wellidoloveit | 3/22/2009, 2:48 pm EST

people over here in london , me incl., OLOVELOVELOVE gives you hell, everyone is singing it atm, job well done boys.

Le0nidius | 3/15/2009, 10:01 am EST

This Album ROX as other 2! GoGo guys!

Ronaldo 7 | 10/12/2008, 5:30 pm EST


Manchester united fan | 10/12/2008, 5:25 pm EST

gives u hell is a good song

rockstar | 10/12/2008, 4:06 pm EST

it says on their website when you enter it that the cd isnt coming out until december 16th now…

thais | 9/22/2008, 5:29 pm EST

I can’t wait for this cd, I don’t know if in us has already come but here in brazil is just on november is a shit live in another country ¬¬’

beatlesfan4ever | 9/21/2008, 10:54 pm EST

its about time it came out!

Dior05_awesomenessAARGURL#1fan | 9/19/2008, 9:43 am EST

I can’t wait im gonna explode lol i have been waiting and thinking and counting down for this CD since like forever. I

haleybrooke | 9/8/2008, 9:13 pm EST

ahh i’m so excited for their new album!! can’t wait, i’m sure it will be good!!

AARaddict | 9/7/2008, 12:00 pm EST

I really want the World to Come Down already! I’ve been counting down since June when the date was 9/12! When will the World Come Down?

bubba crack corn | 9/7/2008, 2:46 am EST

ha! he claims they “craft” their songs. that’s good news for 12-year-old girls everywhere.

aarmcrfan13 | 9/5/2008, 7:57 pm EST

the aar rock.
i cant wait till their new album!
nov. 18th !

deano | 9/4/2008, 5:59 am EST

Way past time for these guys to live down to their moniker.

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