News: Swine flu Fear Prompts Lebanon to Ban Pork Imports

April 28 2009 (FoodBizDaily)  - Lebanon prohibited pork imports and cautioned pig farmers across the country against the swine flu threat. The agriculture ministry’s ban, however, does not include canned pork products. Pork shipments from swine flu-affected countries must be destroyed, the ministry added. The ministry informed that WHO-recommended preventive measures are being implemented and farmers countrywide have been asked to report any signs of swine flu.

WHO officials have increased the efforts to combat the disease, following the death toll rise in Mexico to a probable 103 and the US’s declaration of a public health emergency. A total of 1614 cases are under observation in Mexico, with suspected cases being investigated in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Meanwhile, Canada confirmed six new infections. - Staff writer

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# re: News: Swine flu Fear Prompts Lebanon to Ban Pork Imports

Left by Chris at 4/28/2009 8:57 PM
Gravatar The middle east needs to learn not to overanalyze things. Swine flu does not come from pigs, they are only wasting their own time and money. Not a single pig has a case of swine flu, so it can't have come from pigs.

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