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Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville
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By Marcy Martinez
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 6:17 p.m.

A 23 month old boy admitted to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville then transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston died Monday and test confirm he had Swine Flu.

Now the valley hospital he stayed at is taking steps to make sure the virus wasn't spread there.

Valley Baptist Medical Center Spokesperson Teri Retana says the toddler from Mexico was in their care in Brownsville for one day, but a flu sample was not taken at that time, since he was determined to have pneumonia and the Swine Flu hadn't reared it's ugly head yet.

"He had not been tested. At that point, Swine Flu wasn't on the radar as it is now."

State health officials say no one around the child recently has fallen ill, still VBMC is taking precautions for those exposed to him.

"When he was in the hospital on April 13th, he was in our pediatric unit. We will follow protocol to make sure any exposure is treated and monitored appropriately."

With fear of catching Swine Flu spreading even faster than the virus, the hospital is urging people to only seek their services if flu-like symptoms are present.

"More people have presented with flu-like symptoms, we've been proactive, testing those people and sending the samples off for swine flu."

The concern of exposure has prompted Valley Baptist Medical Center to set up hand sanitizing stations, reminders to cover your coughs, and have masks on hand in the ER.

"If in the ER, someone presents with flu-like symptoms, they are wearing masks."


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Not always the hospital

Posted by A L, Brownsville - Friday, May 01, 2009 at 10:41 a.m.

If you were to ready above you would have seen this portion **but a flu sample was not taken at that time, since he was determined to have pneumonia and the Swine Flu hadn't reared it's ugly head yet.** Come on people, you really think the your likely to get sick at a hospital? Millions of people walk in a store and dont wash thier hands(this is were you would be likely to pick up the swine flu). When your sick you go to the hospital to get better.... Everyone needs to relax!!!

Valley Baptist

Posted by Isabel Isabel, Brownsville - Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 7:29 p.m.

How stupid can they be not to test him for the swine flu? Just because Brownsville was not having any cases does not mean that were free of getting the swine flu. If he was showing flue like symptoms he should have been tested. That was negligencea and a stupidity that she said. What can u expect from Valley Baptist?

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