The 2009 WWE Draft on Raw Monday night was nothing short of monumental, and the 2009 Supplemental WWE Draft shook things up around the WWE landscape even more, right here on Superstars and Divas alike found themselves with new homes following the random selections of the Supplemental Draft, resulting in what are now radically different locker rooms for Raw, ECW and SmackDown. What do you think of all the brand switching? Make your voice heard by registering at, where you can also laud, question or downright debate our ring warriors' relocations!

Brie Bella - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

When the lovely Brie Bella first appeared on SmackDown, she dazzled her competition with bait-and-switch tactics perpetuated with the help of her twin sister, Nikki. And even though that she and Nikki are now doubling up on the Raw brand, Brie can certainly fend for herself using her formidable ring skills.

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Hurricane Helms - drafted to ECW

Drafted from: SmackDown

Stand back, cuz it looks like Hurricane season in the Land of the Extreme. A top-flight competitor like Hurricane Helms is sure to feel right at home in the brand that features some of WWE’s best high-flying talent.

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Charlie Haas - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw
This master of impersonations has “spoofed” many of his fellow Superstars as of late. Perhaps it’s his formidable 6-foot-2, 249-pound frame that lets him get away with it. Does this three-time WWE Tag Team Champion have more hijinks planned for SmackDown, or are his sights set on something more serious, such as championship gold?

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The Brian Kendrick - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

Though he's now without his associate Ezekiel Jackson to handle his dirty work, the brash attitude of The Brian Kendrick will continue to exude vibrantly on Monday nights – perhaps even proving too vibrant for some of his fellow Raw Superstars.

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Dolph Ziggler - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw

SmackDown GM Theodore Long, meet Dolph Ziggler, your newest Friday night Superstar. While the youngster from Hollywood, Calif., leaves everyone on Raw knowing his name through introductions or his actions in the ring, he'll have a whole new group of ring warriors upon whom to make a good first impression.

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JTG - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw
Money! Money! Yeah! Yeah! With JTG following Shad to Friday nights, Brooklyn's back in the hizz-ouse! By rejoining his partner in Cryme Tyme, there’s no telling what sort of street smarts the duo will dish out on SmackDown. A crafty Superstar, JTG has proven he has a way to rattle his opponents, both in the ring and on Cryme Tyme’s Video Original series “Word Up.”

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Festus - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

Raw ain’t your grandpappy’s Sunday pig roast out on the farm, as this Corn-fed Colossus will no doubt fast discover. And with Jesse no longer by his side to guide him around, Festus will need to learn the ropes quickly if he doesn't want his bell rung on Monday nights.

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Natalya - drafted to ECW

Drafted from: SmackDown

Now officially a dominant Diva to the Extreme, Natalya will undoubtedly continue to support the ECW Superstar she's accompanied of late, Tyson Kidd. And with the Divas division heating up on ECW, look for this third-generation powerhouse to take complete control.

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Carlito - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

It appeared earlier that the WWE Supplemental Draft had separated this San Juan southpaw from his brother (and co-Unified WWE Tag Team Champion) Primo. But now Carlito & Primo will remain a unit forged by both gold and family ties. Can Carlito's greater ring experience keep them on top on Raw? We'll find out soon enough.
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John Morrison - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: ECW
The Shaman of Sexy, with his shiny locks and bedazzled abs, should feel right at home under the bright lights of SmackDown. In fact, after his partner, The Miz, was drafted to Raw on Monday night, Morrison seemed prepared to carry on alone. But will the WWE Universe manage to carry on without the pair’s Video Original series “The Dirt Sheet”? Or will they just "be jealous"?

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DH Smith - drafted to ECW

Drafted from: SmackDown
The son of “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, grandson of Stu Hart and nephew to WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart, DH Smith's wrestling lineage is second to none. With his move to the Land of the Extreme, he'll have a chance to connect with another Hart family "Dungeon" graduate, Tyson Kidd. Perhaps someday we'll see a third-generation "Pink and Black attack"?

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Hornswoggle - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: ECW

Don't ever sell this pint-sized pugilist short - his dad Finlay may not be at his side now, but Hornswoggle is one tough, resourceful li’l tussler. Expect more than a few foolish Raw Superstars to catch the wrong end of his shortened shillelagh!

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Layla - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw

This British bombshell immediately made waves on Raw following the 2008 WWE Supplemental Draft. Upon accompanying William Regal to the ring on Monday nights, she was by his side when he became a two-time Intercontinental Champion. But how will Layla’s return to SmackDown impact her Friday nights - or those of her fellow Divas?
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Ricky Ortiz - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: ECW

Just-recruited SmackDown GM Theodore Long saw something special in Ortiz when the former ECW General Manager brought the young Superstar to the Land of the Extreme as part of his New Superstar Initiative. Will Ortiz continue to soar under Long’s watchful wing?

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Chavo Guerrero - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

The self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” comes from a long lineage of in-ring performers, and will undoubtedly continue to make his ancestors proud on Raw. It also doesn’t hurt that his aunt, Vickie Guerrero, has recently become Raw’s new General Manager. Now if he could only keep her out of that wheelchair ...

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Zack Ryder - drafted to ECW

Drafted from: SmackDown
A former WWE Tag Team Champion, the Long Island, N.Y., native sets out on his own in the Land of the Extreme, with visions of the ECW Title in his eyes. What lessons has Ryder learned under past tutelage of The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, or from his long-time partnership with Curt Hawkins? We'll find out on Tuesday nights if he's learned enough to climb the championship ladder solo.

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Candice - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw

Things just got a heckuva lot hotter on Friday nights with SmackDown drawing this former Women's Champion. Candice last secured the Women’s Title in 2007 against current Women’s Champion and fellow SmackDown Diva, Melina. Will Candice set her sights on Melina’s gold once again?

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Nikki Bella - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

Though she first competed under the guise of her twin sister Brie, Nikki Bella has since established her own name against SmackDown’s top Divas. How much of a mark can she make now that she and her sister are dazzling - and confusing - WWE fans with identical antics on the Monday night brand?

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Ezekiel Jackson - drafted to ECW

Drafted from: SmackDown

Ezekiel Jackson leaves associate The Brian Kendrick for the Land of the Extreme. This bruiser's tough, hard-hitting brand of fighting is sure to fit in - or match up against - ground-attack ECW Superstars like Mark Henry.

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Mike Knox - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw

For months on Raw, The Desert Destroyer had been brutally attacking Superstars such as Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston before participating in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out. How will the unpredictable, merciless Knox impact Friday nights, and who will he target first on the SmackDown roster?
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Primo - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

This has been some month for Primo. First, he and brother Carlito defeat The Miz & John Morrison to capture the newly Unified WWE Tag Team Championship at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Now he and his brother have been drafted over to Raw!

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Alicia Fox - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: ECW

After being caught on tape carousing with Edge, The Rated-R Superstar’s wedding planner traveled to the U.K., where she met the talented DJ Gabriel. Both returned from across the pond to turn heads on ECW. Now that Alicia is back on SmackDown, what kind of waves will she make on Friday nights?

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Shad - drafted to SmackDown

Drafted from: Raw
Wallets throughout the Raw locker room are feeling a little safer today. As one-half of the duo Cryme Tyme, this ghetto Superstar from the streets of Brooklyn should prove an impressive force on Friday nights. Fortunately, his fellow Draftee and hood rat, JTG, also found his way to the blue-hued brand.

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Mr. Kennedy - drafted to Raw

Drafted from: SmackDown

For the third straight year, the Green Bay Loudmouth will move between SmackDown and Raw, making his new home on Monday nights. As a former United States Champion and "Mr. Money in the Bank," the Raw roster will soon become very familiar with the voice of Mr. Kennedy … KENNEDY!

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