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Developed and maintained by three Kuwaiti football nuts, this website is dedicated to footballaholics seeking the latest in football news, fixtures, results, standings, transfers, gossip, virals and more.

For all you football addicts who crave for football news and are addicted to football gossip:

Welcome to Football Directa. Your local Footballaholic Anonymous.

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  1. good luck guys , and the website looks very good , kel altawfeeg enshalah :)

  2. Good luck cousins ; ) mashallah great work : )

  3. Great Job Guys!.. Keep it up.. and Good Luck :)

    • Thank you Khalifa. Its a work in progress therefore we appreciate any feedback that comes our way.

  4. Great Job wish u all the best guys ;) .. am learning my football vocabularies with u now ;)

  5. Mashalla wayed wayed 7elo u r Site … :D allah ywafegkom
    inshalla oo yaraab enshoof Pizza Hut oo Cinnabon oo ba6reeq 3ndkom ;Pp~ allah ywafegkom .. Forza Juve , Hala Madrid

  6. hi 3amy rakan ana a7med nice website

  7. Great work guys this place looks alive :) keep it up!

  8. Good Luck guys :)

  9. Fahad, the website looks gr8, goodluck mate.

  10. good luck wnshallah ela a7san :)

  11. Love the SITE!

    • Thanks Alwyn :) Make sure you join every now and then to check on the latest news. Blessings.

  12. awesome website bro, hope to see more asian/african news too ;) .


  13. Mashallah Great Website so exciting pictures, I think i’m going to visit it everyday and i’ll start watching soccer more often. Well keep the hard work you are doing a great job ;)

    • Thank you :) Its a pleasure to have you visit. We kind of have this effect on people j/k but we’re glad u enjoyed the website and pls do visit often.

  14. good luck guys .. I’ve been waiting for a full football blog .. :) ..

  15. Just thought I’d compliment you on this great website. You guys have done a really good job. I love the pictures, although I don’t see a picture of GRANDE Zlatan Ibrahimovic. :@ Kidding… ^.^
    Well done though. :)

    • Thanks ilGenio appreciate your comments and believe me we have our work cut out for us when it comes to posting pictures. We do have news related to Zlatan you have to look at the previous posts :)

  16. good luck..7ada 3ajeeb

  17. 5oosh shay wala. bes lazim tsaween mukan 7ag kil faree8. biltawfeeg ya shabab.

    • Mashkoor M7amed. Akeed inshalah hal shay ra7 yitem very soon. Its in our plans. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.

  18. Great website guys!!!! All the best!!!

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