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    Won By           Title  Won From        Location          Date
 1. Ric Flair        NWA    Dusty Rhodes    Kansas City       Sept. 17, 81
    Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes)            Miami, FL          Feb. 9, 82 
 2. Ric Flair               Given Back       Miami, FL          Feb. 9, 82

The Midnight Rider wouldn't unmasked and so according to NWA Rules then
The Midnight Rider couldn't be the champ and the title was given back
to Flair. This switch isn't recognized by The NWA or WCW.

    Jack Veneno             Ric Flair        Dominican
                                             Republic                 1982
 3. Ric Flair               Jack Veneno      Dominican
                                             Republic          Sept. 7, 82 
    Carlos Colon            Ric Flair        San Juan, PR       Jan. 6, 83
 4. Ric Flair               Carlos Colon                       Jan. 21, 83
    Victor Jovica           Ric Flair        Trinidad                 1983
 5. Ric Flair               Victor Jovica    Trinidad                 1983

Reigns 3, 4 and 5 aren't recognized as legit by The NWA or WCW either.

I received the following e-mail from Sam Batman on February 29, 2000 before
I had reigns 3, 4 and 5 listed on this page.

"What's not listed here are the Caribbean switches with Venena, Colon, and
Jovica in late 82 or early 83; this of course gives us 22 (I only recently
learned of the Colon switch when the Pro Wrestling Title Histories page was
updated). I note the these three reigns aren't officially recognized by the
NWA, either, but if fans saw them happen, we must conclude they happened." 

I went to Pro Wrestling Title Histories (the link is below) to get the info
on the three reigns that Sam mentioned and I included it above.

I received an e-mail from Nestor Brea on March 6, 2001:
"Veneno Never gave a rematch to Flair, he had to give the belt back to
Flair when he refused to defend it outside his native country."
In Part 3 of The Rock Bottom Wrestling Newsletter dated August 13, 2000
it says: "they recently aired the match in which Jack Veneno defeated 
Ric Flair for the NWA Title in Dominican Republic" so the match in which
Veneno defeated Flair and won the NWA World Title actually DID happen,
because it was shown on TV in the Summer of 2000.

    Harley Race             Ric Flair       St. Louis          June 10, 83
 6. Ric Flair        NWA    Harley Race     Greensboro NC      Nov. 24, 83
    Harley Race             Ric Flair       Wellington, 
                                            New Zealand        Mar. 21, 84
 7. Ric Flair        NWA    Harley Race     Kallang, Singapore Mar. 23, 84
    WCW didn't recognize this switch until sometime in 1991.

    Kerry Von Erich         Ric Flair       Irving, Texas        May 6, 84
 8. Ric Flair        NWA    Kerry Von Erich Yokosuka City, Jpn  May 24, 84
    Dusty Rhodes            Ric Flair       Greensboro         July 26, 86
 9. Ric Flair        NWA    Dusty Rhodes    St. Louis           Aug. 9, 86
    Ronnie Garvin           Ric Flair       Detroit           Sept. 25, 87
10. Ric Flair        NWA    Ronnie Garvin   Chicago            Nov. 27, 87
    Ricky Steamboat         Ric Flair       Chicago            Feb. 20, 89
11. Ric Flair        NWA    Ricky Steamboat Nashville, TN        May 7, 89
    Sting                   Ric Flair       Baltimore           July 7, 90
12. Ric Flair        NWA    Sting           East Rutherford NJ Jan. 11, 91
13. Ric Flair        WCW    WCW proclaimed him WCW Champ during this reign
    Tatsumi Fujinami NWA    Ric Flair       Tokyo, Japan       Mar. 21, 91
14. Ric Flair        NWA    Tatsumi 
                            Fujinami        St. Petersburg FL   May 19, 91

Fujinami backdropped Flair over the top rope on March 21, 1991 which was 
a DQ as far as WCW was concerned. Minutes later, Fujinami pinned Flair,
and The NWA recognized Fujinami as NWA World Champ. Flair won the rematch
on May 19th at Superbrawl.

    ---------        WCW    ---------------------------------   July 1, 91
    ---------        NWA    ---------------------------------   Sep. 8, 91
WCW stripped him of the belt on July 1, and the NWA stripped him of the 
belt in Sept when he went to the WWF as "The Real World's Champion"

15. Ric Flair        WWF    --------------  Albany NY          Jan. 19, 92
    Ric won the Royal Rumble, last eliminating Sid Justice
    Randy Savage            Ric Flair       Indianapolis       April 5, 92
16. Ric Flair        WWF    Randy Savage    Hershey, PA        Sept. 1, 92
    Bret Hart               Ric Flair       Saskatoon          Oct. 12, 92
17. Ric Flair        NWA    Barry Windham   Biloxi, MS         July 18, 93
18. Ric Flair        WCW    Vader           Charlotte NC       Dec. 27, 93

Ric Flair defended against Ricky Steamboat in a match at Spring Stampede
April 17, 1994 that resulted in a double pin. The next Saturday on WCW 
Saturday Night, WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkle mentioned the possibility
of holding the belt up. As I recall, Flair came out enraged and either 
threw the belt down or threw it at Bockwinkle and told him to hold it up. 
Two weeks later on WCW Saturday Night, Flair met Steamboat and the winner
would be the new champion.
19. Ric Flair        WCW    Ricky Steamboat -----------           April 94

20. Ric Flair        WCW I  Sting            Orlando Fl        June 24, 94
Sting (WCW International World Champ) lost to Ric Flair (WCW World Champ) 
in a Title-Unification bout at Clash of the Champions XXVII. 

    Hulk Hogan       WCW    Ric Flair        Orlando Fl        July 17, 94
21. Ric Flair        WCW    Randy Savage     Nashville TN      Dec. 27, 95
    Randy Savage            Ric Flair        Las Vegas          Jan 22, 96
22. Ric Flair        WCW    Randy Savage     St. Petersburg F   Feb 11, 96
    The Giant               Ric Flair        Albany GA        April 22, 96
23. Ric Flair        WCW    Hulk Hogan       Louisville KY    March 14, 99
    Dallas Page             Ric Flair        Tacoma WA        April 11, 99 
24. Ric Flair                                Biloxi, MS         May 15, 00 
    Stripped by Vince Russo on 00/05/22. 
25. Ric Flair                                Salt Lake City, UT May 29, 00 
    Kevin Nash won the World Belt on May 23 and gave it back to Flair
    Jeff Jarrett              Ric Flair      Salt Lake City, UT May 29, 00

This is NOT a complete list of WCW, NWA, WCW International, or WWF Titles Reigns. This is a list of the World Titles that Ric Flair has won over the years. There may be other disputed reigns, similar to the Harley Race/Ric Flair title switches in March of 1984. Why I put this page together is because WCW only recognized Ric Flair as a 16 Time Champion, and I wonder which of the above title reigns don't they recognize. I assume they don't recognize the two WWF Title Reigns. They don't recognize the Flair/Steamboat Switch in 1994. They don't recognize any of the switches between the time that Flair beat Rhodes in 1981 to the time that Race beat Flair in June of 1983. I don't know what other reigns they don't count. Sources: The PWI Almanac (Most of the Title Reigns) The Pro Wrestling FAQ. (A few disputed ones) My own memory (for the Flair/Steamboat 1994 switch among others) Professional Wrestling Title Histories (A few disputed ones) Check out these sites for more information: The National Wrestling Alliance The NWA has a complete history of The NWA World Title on their site. Professional Wrestling Title Histories The Professional Wrestling FAQ

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