Green City

Tel Aviv's green areas total 7,400 dunams (approximately 1,850 acres) consisting of 250 gardens and playgrounds,22 boulevards, 128 groves, and 6 parks.

The allocation of green areas was given high priority by the first city planners. The founders of Tel Aviv envisaged it as a "Garden City," a dream that unfortunately could not be sustained due to Tel Aviv's fast growth. But the prioritization of green areas continues to serve as a guideline in all master plans.

Professor Patrick Geddes played an instrumental role in this. In April 1925 he drew a plan for the development of north Tel Aviv, which gave clear preference to green and open spaces. Although his plan was not fully implemented, it served as a general blueprint for many years. Gedess himself planned the original Dizengoff Circle, Herbert Samuel and Hamedina Squares, and was the inspiration for the establishment of Atarim and Yitzhak Rabin Squares. The late mayor of Tel Aviv, Yehoshua Rabinovitch, initiated the Yarkon Park in North Tel Aviv. This park and Hadarom Park, in the south, are Tel Aviv's two major parks.

There are scores of parks, gardens, and green areas all over the city-Edith Wolfson Park in East Tel Aviv, Davidoff Park in Yafo, Charles Clore Park near the beach, and Gan Ha'ir Park near city hall. The municipality has recently approved the full plan for Menachem Begin Park in the south. The long tradition of cultivating Tel Aviv as a green city is continuing.