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Demo Missions

--> Thief: The Dark Project 

   Alarus Extension - by Gonchong - 633 KB

Yes, finally we are allowed a glimpse beyond the tantalising pile of rubble...

   Creature Clash - by Kung Fu Gecko - 130 KB


Watch the disparate AIs from Thief duke it out in an Arena.

   dRuNkEn - by Gonchong - 473 KB

You have drunkenly hopped the wall of the Old Quarter in search of some holy sword type thing. Really a demo mission of leftovers and other bits. Features a vehicle of sorts, unused models, a Church from CotT, a working clock and the Thief II clockwork eye/frog bomb combo...

   Haunt Stadium - by Nameless_Voice - 459 KB

How many Haunts can you kill?

   Knife Thrower - by THE_THIEF - load in dromed - 108 KB


A example of a how to make a AI throw knives.

   Pocket Spells - by ScyoCid - 259 KB

Here is what you've been waiting for, a COW file with pocket spells! They're just like the arrow cyrstals, excpet you can "cast" them at people from you inventory.

   Rainy Night, Eastside - by Gonchong - 131 KB

Stormy rain atmosphere demo.

   Rising Water - by Shadowspawn - load in dromed - 94 KB

How to create the illusion of a rising water.

   Self-light torches - by d0om - load in dromed - 252 KB

A demo mission for making torches which light up when you go near them.

   Sitting AIs - by Shadowspawn - load in dromed - 272 KB


An example of how to make a sitting AI in DromEd 1.

   Smelter, etc - by d0om - 716 KB

This is a complete, but short FM. It has a smelter and a teleport thingy and some sleeping herbs.

   SpotLights - by Shadowspawn - load in dromed - 254 KB

Shows the DromEd trickery necessary to create rotating spotlights.

   The Gauntlet - by Brother Apache - 837 KB

Welcome to your worst nightmare!

   The Trial - by d0om - 389 KB

The Mage/Warrior/Thief DM.

--> Thief 2: The Metal Age

   A demo level for Thief 2 - by d0om - load in dromed - 376 KB


This DM contains instructions on how to make poison, combination door locks and a third lockpick. It also contains some information on QVarTriggers and QVArTraps.

   AI Escape Demo - by Schwaa - 190 KB


The purpose of this demo is to show you how to set up an objective of having an AI goto a certain location.

   Breath - by sluggs - 383 KB


A small demonstration of how to make AI's breath steam, to give the impression of extreme temperatures.
   Bucket Demo - by William The Taffer - 405 KB


Buckets of water for dousing flames.

   Bunch o' new Objects - by von.Eins - 493 KB


A large selection of custom objects, for use in FMs.

   Burricks - by belboz - load in dromed - 505 KB

All the necessary files for getting everyone's favorite critter working in Thief 2.

   Carryover - by Apache - 400 KB


How to make loot and equipment carry over from one mission to the next. - by SilentSleep - load in dromed - 311 KB


An abortive attempt to make AI's mantle and climb ladders. It gets them up there, but the motions are terrible. It would've worked but if you play a second motion during the floating part, the AI gets mysteriously teleported to the ground.

   Creature Clash 2 - by Kung Fu Gecko - load in dromed - 311 KB


Watch the disparate AIs from Thief duke it out in an Arena, but for Thief 2 this time.

   Droid Demo - by William The Taffer - 680 KB


An FM Showing the use of SS2 droids in a Thief 2 game.

   FightPub - by William The Taffer - 521 KB


A demo/mission showing the use of continuous AI spawning.

   Fish - by cdfbr & Brother Apache - load in dromed - 335 KB


How to set up a fish that does the swim thing. - by SilentSleep - load in dromed - 70 KB


An example of the wonderful things you can do with flow and blockable brushes. - by MadBull#34 - load in dromed - 321 KB


Demo mission of how to fool guards with a magic whistle or spell scrolls. - by SilentSleep - load in dromed - 313 KB


Four AI's jump over different distances. - by SilentSleep - load in dromed - 75 KB


Equilibrium had some size and frame rate issues, because every light source was a s&r radius source too (That's 120+!). This demo swaps the system around, so just the keepers are radius sources. It's a lot more efficient. - by SilentSleep - load in dromed - 309 KB


Frobbing one of the buttons in this demo activates a security camera-style scouting orb view.

   Rising Water - by Shadowspawn - load in dromed - 96 KB


How to create the illusion of a rising water.

Content © 2004 Derrick Sallee