Welcome to Golden Empire transit District – the GET bus!

Each week day approximately 24,000 citizens in Bakersfield climb abroad one of GET’s 81 buses for a safe, reasonably priced trip to work, school and a myriad of other appointments. The latest survey shows 56 percent of these people have no other mode of transportation and depend almost entirely on GET for their transportation needs.

Although GET’s primary goal is to provide transportation. Its secondary role is to improve the community. Use of public transportation is the single most effective way to reduce America’s energy consumption, without imposing new taxes, government mandates or regulations. Nationally, public transportation already saves 45 million barrels of oil a year. And, if Americans used public transportation for roughly 10 percent of daily travel needs, the United States would reduce its dependence on imported oil by about 40 percent – nearly the amount we import from OPEC countries each year.

GET is proud that its fleet is entirely fueled by compressed natural gas, an alternative fuel that contributes to the green movement through the reduction of polluting emissions.

Although funding is a constant concern, GET is committed to providing excellent service to it customers and improving service to meet the needs of our community.


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